Relay OS competition: End of Phase 2

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Hi. This is DQ.

Phase 2 ended some days ago. Due to a highly packed schedule… I am unable to carry on with phase 3. Hence phase 2 is the last phase of the competition. I have received a few entries which will be put up everyday at 9 P. M., starting from tomorrow. Once this gets updated.

I expected more number of entries, but then as most participants were busy with their final exams going on, I felt it would be good to pull the curtain off, as nothing is more important studies.
I also never thought it would take such a long time, but unfortunately phase 1 took a long time, not only because of delay in submissions by some participants but also because of my minor accident.

Anyways, I am glad that atleast a few of them participated despite all odds… so a great thanks and applaud to them…

From the entries, top 3 participants will be CHOOSEN based on the aggregate of both phase 1 and phase 2.

Once, the competition ends, judges and groups with their participants will be mentioned.

Voting time for each story is 72 hours.
To vote for a story, click on the “like” button on the end of the story, which is a new and interesting feature on TU.
You can also leave your valuable comments.

Rules of judging remains the same. And yes, once I have done updating a story, check the stories.. from TU.. and give your valuable marks via mail or pm.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Wish you all a great time!!!

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