Relay OS competition: End of Phase 1

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Hii guys! It’s Dessertqueen again.
I am here with a great news for you all. The relay OS competition phase 1 just ended successfully. 🙂 I am so glad with all of your cooperation. Though it was tiresome, sending each participant their story along with rules, reminding them of the time limit and giving chances to many others, yet it was lovely! Some participants missed their turns, which was really upsetting.. ?

But nevertheless, it was an amazing experience for not just I, but also the fellow participants, I suppose. I loved the way how each participant wrote their parts enthusiastically and how some tried to cover up for the other participants who messed up..

Overall, I am happy with the way it turned out to be.

So, let’s go ahead with the voting and judging rules.

1. Each story will be updated one by one. That is one day one story. Daily at 9pm.
2. Voters or readers can vote for the story untill 24 hrs has passed from the time it has been updated. Once 24 hours has passed after update, no votes will be accepted.

In order to vote for a story, the readers are requested to comment “I VOTE FOR IT”.


for the judges,

each of the judges will be sent a copy of the story, one story one day and the alloted marks for each will be mentioned in the emaik. Hence i request the judges to text me their email.

Stories will be sent for submission, after this article has been published.

phase two will begin after phase 1 results, it may mostly take another week!

With love,

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