Do we really need Big Boss?

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Salman Khan playing as an angel in Big Boss 7 promo

Salman Khan has indeed brought glory to this controversial reality tv show with his midas touch.

Big Boss is a kind of reality show which many will argue if it is a family friendly or not. The concept of show is such that it provokes violence in an individual and often brings out negative things from housemates. People fight, abuse, quarrel and even lead to physical violence on the show which is shown directly to the children who watch the show along with entire family in every home.


Do we really need Big Boss?

A debate has started over whether such reality shows are contributing anything positive towards moral upliftment of society or spreading violence and bad things in community. Are such shows really needed just for the sake of entertainment? What are we teaching to our next generation by showing them such cat-fights, arrogance and conspiracies?


Salman Khan and Big Boss’s popularity

Whatever good or bad been said about the show- the fact remain the same that Big Boss remains the top rated and most awaited reality show on television. Its popularity is increased since Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan has joined it as a host. The show has reached to the top of popularity chart after Salman’s entry. His unique style of anchoring and his stardom has brought glory to the show.


Is Salman Khan a fair host?

In couple of initial seasons Salman has done an excellent job as a neutral anchor of the show. His job is to carry the momentum of the show without interfering the matters of housemates. But since past few years when Salman Khan achieved phenomenal success in films and has reached to the top most position in his career, he has become almost a sole authority who – many people suspect – might be a driving force behind this reality TV show.

Shweta Tiwari Big Boss Winner

Shweta Tiwari was seen being favored by Salman Khan on Big Boss. She ultimately won the show with big margin.


We have seen in past few seasons that Salman Khan is getting biased for few housemates. Celebrities who are closer to Salman in their personal life are getting fair share in this reality show. Mahek Chahal and Shweta Tiwari are the best examples of this. Out of these two Shweta Tiwari went on to win the show despite her wrong stands during some intense moments in the house. In the past we have seen that Salman Khan has been quite compassionate towards these ladies and always favored them in theirs fights.

Mahek Chahal in Big Boss

Mahek Chahal who worked with Salman in films like ‘Wanted’ already had a soft corner in his heart. No surprise that the superstar favored her during her struggling time in the house.


Season 7 also has some people who are personal favorites of Salman. These can be Arman Kohli, Elli Avram and Tanisha Mukherji.


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