Ranveer Deepika romance

रणवीर और दीपिका का रोमांस बड़े ही जोर शोर से शुरू!

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Ranveer Deepika romance
Deepika has always denied the relation but Ranveer was publicly expressive about his love for Deepika Padukone

Bollywood has given so many wonderful and famous couples who worked on screen and romanced off screen as well. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone is one of such couple who are hitting the headline everyday with the stories of their romance.

Recently from an insider source a news has flashed that Deepika Padukone has spent a whole night at Ranveer Singh’s house. We all know that the love between the duo is at peak. They might have maintained a dignified salience about their alleged relationship but they have never hesitated to express their affection towards each other in public appearances. They always hit the headlines with their romantic stories.

As per the source, recently Deepika and Ranveer spent whole night together in a house. Deepika entered Ranveer’s building before 12 am and was there the whole night. It was only in the morning that she left. She arrived in her black Audi but left in a white Mercedes in morning at around 9 am.

Ranveer Singh was never shy of expressing his love for Deepika and has always expressed his liking for this long legged beauty. Their work in ‘RamLeela’ has also contributed towards cementing their bonding.

This way even if they have not voiced their relation in public, their love could not be hidden. In a recent even Ranveer hug Deepika tightly when they met each other. This moment was captured by media and was circulated all over social media. It was a viral photo soon liked by many fans.

However Deepika- on the contrary- always denied the existence of any relation between the two. She always stated that she is very much single and not dating anyone. On the popular talk show ‘Koffee With Karan’ Deepika made it clear that she is not seeing anybody and cleared the air about her alleged affair.

Even at the launch of Stardust cover last night when asked about her relationship status, Deepika seemed to be amused and laughingly denied any affair hatching between her and any actor.

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