Ramesh Sippy is not happy as ‘Sholay’ is being released in ‘3D’ without his consent!

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Ramesh Sippy is not happy with Sholay 3D

Ramesh Sippy is obviously not happy with the making of ‘Sholay’ in 3D as the project was undertaken without his consent. He has moved to court to demand justice.

Monumental hindi film which is considered as a milestone in Hindi film industry – ‘Sholay is all set to be released in 3D format. The film was released in 1975 and has been considered as the one of the best films an industry has ever produced. The recent initiative of converting the film to 3D was taken by producer Jayantilal Gada.


However it seems like it will not be a smooth release for the film as original director of the film – Ramesh Sippy– has expressed his discontent for him not been involved in the project. He therefore has dragged the producers of 3D version of the film to court. He has completely dissociated himself from the project as well.


The reason of his outbursts are obvious. As per him, he was neither consulted nor informed about the technological up gradation of the movie. Ramesh Sippy said, “My logic for taking the matter to court is very simple. No one asked me before converting my film to a new format. No one took me into confidence. There was no attempt to contact me. I read about it in the papers. I had no choice but to go to court.”


Ramesh Sippy also said that he has no inclination to convert the film into 3D. When he was making the film in 1975, the option of making it either in 3D or 70mm Stereophonic Sound was available to him. He choose later to go with. Sippy further adds,’’I am against anyone doing anything to my film without my knowledge or consent. And the truth is I’ve gone to court on the issue. Therefore saying anything more on the issue would not be appropriate at this point of time.”


Meanwhile it was learnt that original writer duo Salim-Javed are busy promoting the film at few events. However Sippy seemed to be ‘OK’ with the fact. Sippy is also a veteran director in Bollywood and is well known for his versatile pictures like Seeta Aur Geeta, Shakti, Sholay and Saagar.


Sholay 3D is set to be released on 3 Jan 2014. It will be interesting to see how this digitally modified version of the iconic film attracts the audience!


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