RABUL: love forever (episode 9)

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Sorry my dear readers. I am so late. Let’s start…

While eating,
Bulbul: purab. Do you remember our challenge?
Purab: how can i forget that? Because of that only i got my love.
Bulbul: purab this is the best day of my life. I love you.
Purab: i love you too.
Purab and bulbul went to their houses.
At bulbul’s home,
Purvi: how was your first date?
Bulbul: it was too good. Thank you purvi. Without you, i couldn’t realise my love.
Purvi: arjun also helped me.
Bulbul phone rang.
Bulbul: purab…
Purvi: go and attend the call otherwise your love king will get upset.

Bulbul went out and attended the call.
Purab: hello Ms. Bulbul.
Bulbul: yes Mr. Purab.
Purab: don’t you forget something?
Bulbul: i didn’t forget anything.
Purab: go and see your cupboard.
Bulbul went there and watched her cupboard. She found one gift. She opened it and saw a beautiful tajmahal in it.
Bulbul: purab. It is aweaome.
Purab: You forgot to ask our first date’s gift. So i gave it.
Bulbul: It is so cute.
Purab: where is my gift?
Bulbul: i didn’t have anything now.
I will give it tomorrow.
Purab: i leave you. But one condition. You should give whatever i ask.
Bulbul: okay.
Purab: promise
Bulbul: promise…
Purab: okay bye love you.
Bulbul: love you too…

Bulbul went inside and saw purvi crying. She touched purvi’s shoulder. Purvi wiped her tears.
Bulbul: why are you crying?
Purvi: nothing.
Bulbul: don’t hide anything from me.
Purvi: I didn’t hide anything.
Bulbul: do you love someone????
Purvi: yes. But he loves someone else not me.
Bulbul: tell me. Who is that guy? I will unite you both.
Purvi: you cannot and you should not because he loves someone truely. We should not separate his love from him.
You don’t worry. I will be okay.
Bulbul: okay. Come we will sleep.

At 12.00 am, Bulbul called purab. Purab attended the call.
Purab: what happened bulbul?why did you call me now? Are you okay?
Bulbul: purab relax. I am okay. I need your help.
Purab: for what?????
Bulbul: purvi loves someone. He loves someone else. We should find out him. Will you help me?
Purab: yes. We will talk tomorrow. It’s too late. You should sleep.
Bulbul: okay purab. Good night. Love you
Purab: good night. Love you too.

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