RABUL: love forever (episode 8)

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At 1.30 pm
Bulbul came to that restaurant. She is eagerly waiting for purab’s message
One servant came from inside towards her.
Servant: Mam you are Bulbul right?
Bulbul: yes.
Servant:Mam come with me.
That servant and Bulbul went to terrace. That servant left. She saw the arrangements. She was surprised. She went to table. She saw a letter there.she took it and opened it. She saw a message,”please wait”.

After 10 minutes,
She heard a song. She turned to see purab. But no one was thee. She was searching for him. Suddenly, someone hugged her from back. She was shocked. She turned and saw purab. Purab closed her mouth.

Purab kneeld down and take red rose ? from his packet. He stared speaking
Purab: Bulbul I don’t know when I started loving you. But my love for you is very true. I don’t know how much I love you but I love you always and forever. You are my everything. You are my life. You are my love. And you are the reason for my heart beats. Bulbul, I was rude because I had no one in my life except Arjun. I did not want to make relationship. Because I was feared that I lost someone. I was not aceepting my love for you. I thought that I was unlucky.
Now I don’t want to lose you. Bulbul will you be my friend who makes me strong? Will you be my mother who cares for me? Will you be my life partner who shares her happiness and sorrow? Will you be my love who loves me unconditionally? Will you be with me always and forever?
Bulbul had tears in her eyes. She nodded.
Bulbul: purab, I don’t know whether I can love you like you do or not.I love you purab . I love you so much.
They hugged each other.

Purab wiped her tears and he smiled.
Purab: will u dance with me darling?
Bulbul: sure my love.
They danced very romantically ll. They lost in each other. They want to stop that moment.
My love birds are in love. They confessed their love. Will they marry? wait and watch what will destiny plan for them.

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