RABUL: love forever ( EPISODE 6)

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purab feeds bulbul with his hands.she drinks the soup completely. she sleeps. purab covers her with blanket. bulbul wakes up after an hour. she searches for Purab. purvi comes there and gives her medicine.
Bb: purvi where is Purab?
Purvi: he went to his home.
Bb: y did u leave him alone at this time?
Purvi: why should u care abt him?
Bb: he helped me.
Purvi: no u love him.

Bb: no I don’t.
Purvi; I said u do.
Bb: will u pls stop it.
Purvi: u know bulbul he loves u truly. so only he came here to help u. u also love him. but u don’t deserve his love.
purvi goes from there with tears. after sometimes purvi comes Bb room.
Purvi: I am sorry. I understood that I don’t have rights to interfere in ur personal problem.
Bb: stop it purvi. u r my sister. and I agree that I love him.
Purvi: bulbul. I am so happy for u. propose him tomorrow

Bb: I am waiting for his proposal. if he proposes me, I will accept.
Purvi: I am really happy for u bulbul. purab is the only person who can love u unconditionally.
purvi comes out and calls Arjun
Purvi: I want to meet u. come to XXX restaurant.
Arjun and Purvi go there.
Purvi: good news Arjun.

Arjun: what news
Purvi: Bb agreed that she loves purab. our mission completed successfully
Arjun: really
Arjun in happiness hugs her and kisses on her cheek. she gets shocked. Arjun realises what he did.
Arjun: I am sorry. in happiness I did it.
Purvi: its OK

she leaves from there.
in house, purvi goes to her room and cries and makes herself strong for her friend and love.
purab in his house thinking about his and bulbul moments. suddenly bulbul comes there. she looks very beautiful. without his control, he kisses her. Arjun shouts. s it is Arjun not Bb. purab was daydreaming.
Purab: sorry I thought it was bulbul.

Arjun: sorry Mr. Romeo u were in romantic mood. I disturbed u.
Purab: nothing like that. purab hides his face without knowing how to face him..
screen freezes with smiling face of purab and arjun

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