RABUL: love forever ( EPISODE 4)

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Suddenly thunder comes. Both come into their senses. They felt embarrassed. They both leave from there.

ARJUN: Purvi I think they r in love.
Purvi gets shocked.
PURVI: what did u say?
ARJUN: I think purab and bb love each other.
PURVI(in a shocking tone): How did u say that they r in love?
ARJUN: I don’t know abt love bcoz I didn’t love anyone. But I can see something is btwn them. If it is love then I can sacrifice anything to unite them.
Purvi feels bad but she wants her friend bb and love purab to be happy.

PURVI: I need to speak with bb about it. U also pls talk with purab.
purab is sitting in arjun room i abt bulbul. Arjun comes there sees him. He comes out from his room & calls purvi.
ARJUN: Hello, purvi. Did u speak with bb?
PURVI: I am going to speak with her.
Arjun immediately cuts the call and arjun goes to his room.
ARJUN: Purab what happened? U r thinking abt bb right?

PURAB: S…………… nahi… No… why should I think abt her?
ARJUN: bcoz u love her.
PURAB: No I didn’t love her.
ARJUN: Exactly u didn’t love her but u do love her.
PURAB: Nothing like that. I can’t love anyone.
ARJUN: Ok I agree. If u don’t love her then prove me.
PURAB: What should I do?

ARJUN: U close ur eyes. If u don’t love her, u cant ee her in front of u. but if u love her, u will see her.
PURAB: its filmy. I can’t do this.
Arjun convinces him and purab closes his eyes.he sees a beautiful girl, cute smile in her lips, an attractive eyes which is none other than bulbul. He smiles.
ARJUN: I know purab. U r thinking abt bb. I am happy that u love bb. But I don’t know what to do to make u realize abt ur love?
Purab smiles like an idiot. Arjun shooks him.

ARJUN: bb came right?
Purab thinking abt him, his life, his status. He don’t want to make bb suffer bcoz of him.
PURAB(with tears): No.
ARJUN: then promise.
PURAB: No I can’t.
ARJUN: u don’t love her right? Then promise me.
Arjun takes purab hand and keeps it in his head.
ARJUN: promise me.
Purab forcibly takes his hand. Purab shouts, “ s I love her . I love bulbul more than everything, more than my life.’’
V then go and tell her.

PURAB: no. I don’t deserve her. I am unlucky.i don’t want bubul to affect bcoz of me.
ARJUN: what nonsense u r talking she will accept. I saw her love for u in her eyes. If u avoid her then only she will suffer.
PURAB: no, she doesn’t love me.
ARJUN: how did u say?
PURAB: I don’t know.

ARJUN: purab pls understand. Pls tell her that u love her. Pls purab for me.
PURAB: ok I will say her. But she doesn’t accept, I won’t live.
ARJUN: she will accept. I promise.
Will purab propose her? Will she accept?

Wait for next episode.

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