RABUL: love forever ( EPISODE 3)

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Bulbul wakes up early. She goes to college early. Purab also goes to college early to ask sorry to her. He searches for her everywhere. She doesn’t want to face him.so she hides from him. But she doesn’t know that he already following her. Suddenly slips and fall on his arms. They share a short eyelock. After a minute purab helps her to stand.
BULBUL: Thanks
PURAB: This time I didn’t hurt u.
BULBUL: I want to go
PURAB: I want to speak with u. pls wait.
BULBUL: I have some work.
Bulbul leaves from there immediately. Purab follows her.
BULBUL shouts in anger.
BULBUL: y r u following me?
PURAB: I need to speak with u.
BULBUL: I don’t want to speak with anyone.
PURAB: Pls listen to me.
BULBUL ( IN ANGEER ): Will u pls leave me alone.
It hurts purab. He leaves from there with tears.
BULBUL(in thoughts): why did I shout like this? He just want to speak with me. But I shouted bad what happened to me? I didn’t hurt anyone before. But why was I hurting him?
She leaves from there with tears.

IN CLASS, Purab is sitting with tears in his eyes. Arjun comes there sees him. After seeing Arjun, purab wipes his tears.
ARJUN: Why are you sad?
PURAB: Nothing. I don’t want to attend the class. We will go to practice hall.
ARJUN: what did u say? I can’t believe this. You don’t have fever right? It will be rain today.
PURAB: I am going will u come or not?
ARJUN: Wait I will come.
They both go to practice hall. Bulbul is sitting inside without noticing her purab and arjun went inside
Bulbul also sits there without noticing purab and arjun. Purvi knows that bb is worried she also noticed the tears in purab eyes she wants to cheer them.
ARJUN: what is this purab? We came her to practice but u r sitting like this.
PURVI: I know arjun these bb and purab get afraid to face each other in competition.
U both r such a cowards.
Arjun also joins with purvi.
ARJUN: I think so purvi. They r feared. Look at their eyes.
PURAB AND BULBUL(at the same time): who is feared?
PURVI AND ARJUN(in chorus): u both.
PURAB:I am not a coward lets start the practice.
BB:I am also going to start my practice.
They all four practicing hard. Suddenly rains
ARJUN: purab I told u know not to cut the class. See its raining because of u.
Purab and bb went out and dancing in the rain like a mad.
Purvi and arjun don’t like rain so they stay inside.
While dancing in rain , suddenly bb and purab each other. They come closer……

Wait we will see what will happen next in a next episode……..

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