RABUL: love forever ( episode 20)

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Neil and bulbul’s dad kidnapped sarla.
Bulbul followed arjun and purab. Purab dropped the car outside a club. Bulbul also followed them.
Purab and arjun came inside the club. Bulbul also went inside.
Bulbul{to herself}: this purab came to club. That too without informing me. He told me that he would not drink. Purab khanna you are gone today. I will catch you red handed.
Purab and arjun sat in a table. Arjun ordered drink for him. Arjun started to drink. He asked purab to drink.
Purab: my bulbul does not love it
Bulbul saw that from distance.
Bulbul {in her thoughts}: I am an idiot. I mistrusted my purab. He will never lie to me. She sat in a table. She was admiring purab. A girl came to purab and sat in his lap.
Girl: hey handsome will you dance with me?
Bulbul watched this and got anger. She started to drink.
Purab: excuse me. I don’t want to dance with you. Just leave me.
She kissed him in his cheeks. Bulbul saw a lipstick mark of her in his cheek. She was boiling in anger.
Purab: what are you doing? Do you have any sense?
Girl: baby why are you getting angry? You look too hot.
Purab: shut up and leave me.
Girl: baby shall we go for date?
Purab: I am not interested. Tomorrow I am going to marry my love. Did you get it?
Girl: it’s okay baby. What is a big deal? I don’t want to marry you.
She hugged him tightly. Purab pushed her away.
Arjun: you are crossing your limits.

Bulbul came towards her. She slapped her hard.
Bulbul: how dare you touch my purab?
Girl: you love your boy friend that much right? Then why did you leave him alone?
Bulbul: what is your problem in it? I didn’t see such a cheap girl like you.
In anger, that girl raised her hand against bulbul but purab held her hand.
Purab: don’t dare to touch my bulbul.
That girl left.
Purab: bulbul why did you come here?
Bulbul{in a childish tone}: I am sorry purab. I doubted you. I followed you and came here.
Purab: did you drink?
Bulbul: yes just little.
Purab: how many glasses?
Bulbul: no purab no glasses. Just 3 bottles.
Purab: what? Did you drink three bottles? How could you bulbul? are you mad?
Bulbul: yes I am mad about you. she kissed you infront of me. What should I do? See her lipstick marks.
Bulbul wiped it with tears in her eyes.
Bulbul: I can’t see you with anyone.
She was crying like a child.
Purab: it’s okay bulbul. I am sorry. let’s go home.
Purab, bulbul and arjun came home. Arjun went to his room. Bulbul was sleeping inside the car. Purab tried to wake her up but she didn’t. so he took her in his arms and went to her room. He put her on bed. When he turned to leave, she held her hand. She pulled him.
Purab: bulbul didn’t you sleep?
Bulbul: no purab I was acting.
Purab: why?
Bulbul: just for fun.
Purab: fun? You are really crazy.
Bulbul: purab will you dance with me?
Purab: dance?
Bulbul: haan dance.
Purab: bulbul you drank too much. You can’t even stand properly. How can you dance?
Bulbul: purab please.
Purab: bulbul no means no.
Bulbul: I won’t marry you. you are not fulfilling my wish before marriage itself. After marriage you will not listen to me.
Purab: okay bulbul we will dance.

Bulbul played the music. They held each other close and swayed to the music. He held her close, her body moulding into his as if they were made for each other. They were made for each other. Placing her hands on his shoulders he danced silently, nothing but short gasps of breath were to be heard. Slowly she moved her hands up to his neck and rested her head on his chest. Her bare cheek was cool from the breeze through the window, yet his beating heart brought all the heat back to her cheeks. He pulled her impossibly closer as two people slowly resembled one. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and he placed his arm around her waist and then their lips finally met. She pushed him away in shyness. Purab lifted her and went inside the washroom. He opened the shower. They both completely drenched. Bulbul came back to senses.
Bulbul: purab what are we doing here?
Purab: don’t you remember anything?
Bulbul: what happened?
Purab: then you forgot our last dance and last kiss before marriage.
He turned to show his back to her. . She turned him around to face her and without a word she kissed him deeply, passionately. his hands raise to the back of her head pushing her tongue deeper into his mouth. She wrapped her hands around his back and slid them down to grab that perfect backside of him. She broke the kiss. He tried to pull her close. But she turned to face a wall. He closed the shower and turned. He kissed the every water drop in her face. He slowly moved towards her neck. He started to nuzzle her neck.she hugged him tightly. He hugged her back. After sometime,they came out of the hug.
Bulbul: now i remember our last kiss before marriage.
purab: shall i leave?
bulbul: haan.

Purab went to his room. Bulbul changed her clothes. She took purab’s photo and started to talk with his photo. While purab did the same in his room. They slept by hugging each other’s photo.
At morning, purvi was getting ready in her room. Arjun woke up. He was admiring purvi’s cuteness.
Purvi: why are you seeing me like this?
Arjun: you look so cute but something is missing.
Purvi: what?
Arjun came near her and took sindoor in his hand and put it on her head. They had a eyelock.
Purvi: okay go and get ready. Today rabul’s marriage know?
Suddenly he held purvi’s hand.
Arjun: I love you purvi. I am waiting for your reply.

Purvi left from there silently.
Purvi{in her thoughts}: I really like him. I trust him. But I don’t know whether I love him or not?
Purvi knocked bulbul’s room door. Bulbul was sleeping cutely. Purvi called her. hearing phone’s sound, her sleep was disturbed. Without opening her eyes, she answered the call and put in on her ears.
Bulbul: hello purab. I love you so much.
She started to kiss that phone continuously.
Purvi: bulbul please wait until night.
Bulbul opened her eyes.
Bulbul: purvi?
Purvi: haan purvi only. Please open the door.
Bulbul opened the door and saw her with shy face.
Purvi: go and get ready. Today your marriage know?
Bulbul: oh my god I need to get ready within an hour.
Purvi: yes darling go and bath now.
After exactly forty minutes, beauticians were doing makeup to the bride. Bulbul’s phone beeped.
Purvi: bulbul let me check your phone. You carry on.
Bulbul: okay.
Purvi opened the message and shocked to see. Screen freezes with purvi’s shocked to face.

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