RABUL: love forever ( EPISODE 2)

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after class gets over, bb goes to fill form of dance competition. arjun brought purab there and forced him to fill the form. seeing this bb comes there
Bulbul: ur coward frnd will not agree.
he feared to face me in competition.
purab: who feared?
Bulbul: u
purab: I don’t have any fear.
Bulbul: then fill this form
purab grabs it and fills the form
Purab: not only joining. I can win this competition.
Bulbul: we will see.
purab: if I win means,…
Bulbul: I will do whatever u say. if I win
purab: I will do whatever u say
Bulbul: then challenge
Purab: challenge accepted.

bulbul leaves from there angrily.
purvi: what happened bulbul
Bulbul: he is opposing me in competition
Purvi : who?
bulbul: that idiot purab.
Purvi smles after hearing purab’s name.
Bulbul: purvi iam boiling in anger here but u r smiling.
Bulbul leaves from there angrily and collides with purab. she falls in his arms they had a cute eyelock. after sometimes they comes back to their senses and bulbul asks him to leave her. he leaves and she falls down. seeing this arjun is laughing like mad.
Bb: who told u to hold me?
purab: I thought to save u
bb: leaving me down is saving ah.
Purab: u only told me to leave u.
Bb: u hurted my frnd in morning now u hurted me.
Purab: Ms. over actress will u pls leave me. I want to go to home.
Bb: me over actress u idiot.

purab leaves without minding her

In arjun home, Purab and arjun practicing.
purab felt bad for fighting with bulbul
arjun sees him.
Arjun: what r u thinking purab?
Purab: I don’t want talk with anyone.
u know y?
arjun: y?
purab: my parents left in my childhood. I don’t have anyone in my life than u. I don’t want to make relationship with others. if they left me, I would die.
pls arjun don’t leave me then I will die.
arjun hugs him and purab cries.
arjun: y r u feeling bad suddenly?
Purab: bcoz I hurted her
Arjun: who?
Purab: bulbul
arjun thought to change his mood.
Arjun: do u love her?
Purab: love? me ? no I can’t love anyone and I won’t.
Arjun: love doesn’t need anyone permission. it will come suddenly.
Purab: pls leave this topic arjun we have practice know.

arjun and purab are practicing
at the same time, bulbul and purvi practicing.
bulbul is in irritation thinking about purab
Bb(to herself) : how dare he is ?
purvi: who?
bb: that idiot Purab.
Purvi: why r u always thinking abt him?
Bb: y should I think abt him? I don’t think abt anyone.
Next day bb goes to college alone. purab comes near her having rose in his hand. he kneels down and said, “I love u bulbul”. bulbul shocked to hear that. w
suddenly he gets up and kisses her.

bulbul wakes up and sees time its 4’o clock.
bulbul: what kind of dream it was?
bulbul u have to keep distance with that Purab….

what will happen next??? u have to wait until next episode..

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