RABUL: love forever ( episode 19)

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When she was about to cut her wrist. purab called her name.
Purab: Bulbul…
Bulbul dropped that knife in floor.
Bulbul: purab..

Purab: are you mad? What were you going to do? Did you think about me? Don’t you trust me? Don’t you trust our love?
Bulbul hugged him immediately and burst out in tears.
Bulbul: I am sorry purab. I don’t know what to do to prove my love to my papa.
Purab: for that you kill yourself? Promise me. You should not do like this again.
Bulbul: I promise. I love you.

Bulbul pulled him closer and kissed him in his lips. He did not except this from her. later, he reciprocated the kiss. His one arm was holding her tight around her waist and the other was carressing her hair and she simply got lost in the fabric of time.After kissing, they stared at each other for a second.
Bulbul: how did you come here?
Purab: through window.

Bulbul: okay. What should we do now?
Purab: we are going out through window. We will go to arjun’s house and come to a decision.
Bulbul: okay.
Bulbul and purab left from there.. Arjun was waiting for them in car. They all went to arjun’s home.

Arjun’s dad: what are you going to do now?
Purvi: you both marry immediately. Then only Bulbul can get out of this problem.
Purab: I am staying in your house. I am itself a burden to you.
Arjun: idiot what are you talking? You are my friend. You are my brother.
Arjun’s dad: yes purab. You are also my son. Why are you talking like this beta?
Purab; you are like my dad uncle. But…
Arjun: no if and but. You both are going to marry tomorrow. I will arrange everything. It’s final.
Everyone saw him. Finally he nodded.

Purvi(with a smile): Bulbul get ready for marriage tomorrow.
Bulbul ran towards the room in shy.
Purab: I will go to my room.
After an hour, Bulbul came to purab’s room.
Bulbul: purab you are not happy in this marriage right?
Purab(with a naughty smile) : yes.
Bulbul saw him with tears. He laughed like a child.
Bulbul: why are you laughing?
Purab: I am really happy in this marriage. I am just making fun of you.
Bulbul: promise?

He put his both hands on her shoulder.
Purab: promise. I am really happy in marrying my love. Yeah, I thought about our future. But I don’t want to lose you.
Bulbul hugged him tightly. He hugged her back. That time Arjun came inside. He saw them hugging each other. He knocked the door. They separated. They both got embarrassed.
Arjun: designer came with dress . You both come and select.
They both nodded.

Arjun: for your kind information. If you want to romance, please shut the door.
They both went to hall. Purab took a sky blue colour sherwani.he showed it to her. Her asked her how that was through his eyes. She answered that was not good through her eyes. He took gold, cream and red colour sherwani. He asked her. She nodded her head with smile. He chose that dress. Bulbul took a red and golden colour sherwani. She saw him. He sighed okay to her.
Everyone went to room after choosing their dresses.
Arjun and purab was talking inside purab’s room.

Arjun: I need bachelor’s party.
Purab: you are not a bachelor.
Arjun: you are a bachelor now. So i need party
Purab: okay we’ll go. Where?
Arjun: to club.
Purab: I won’t come to club. I don’t drink.
Arjun: you won’t drink. I will. Come with me.
Purab: I will come. But don’t tell it to Bulbul.

Arjun: okay.
Arjun and purab went out.
Bulbul(in thoughts) : where are they going now? I need to follow them.
She followed them.
At bulbul’s home, Neil came with food plate and opened the door of bulbul’s room. But he was shocked. Bulbul was not there. He called bb dad. Bb dad came there.
Neil: this Bulbul cheated us.
Bb dad: I’ll go Arjun house and get bb back to this house.
Neil: no uncle. We need to do something else. He saw bulbul and sarla photo together. Neil took that photo.

Neil: who is that?
Bb dad: its Bulbul maid sarla . Bulbul treats her like her mom.
Neil: where is her now?
Bb dad: she is in out house.

Neil: then kidnap her.
Bb dad: what is the use of kidnapping her?
Neil: kidnap her and ask Bulbul to come alone to save sarla. She will come. I will marry her there. Tomorrow morning I will marry her.
Screen freezes with evil face of Neil.

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