RABUL: love forever ( episode 18)

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Arjun called purab many times. But purab didn’t attend, as he put his phone in silent mode. After an hour, purab saw his phone. He saw many missed calls from Arjun. He called him back. Arjun attended his call in a single ring. They didn’t speak anything. Purab broke that silence.
Purab: I am sorry Arjun. I put my phone in silent.
Arjun: meet me at ‘SSS’ restaurant at 5 pm.
Purab: hmm.
Purab met him there.
Arjun slapped him.
Arjun: idiot when I get angry, you need to talk with me. But you left home. Don’t you know? This Arjun cannot survive with his friend purab.
Purab hugged him tightly and cried like a child.
Purab: I am sorry.
Arjun: I am sorry purab. I slapped you.
Purab: you are my friend. You have rights to slap me. I am sorry. I left your house without talking to you.
Bulbul: enough of your sorries . Let’s enjoy this wonderful moment.
They all had coffee.

While returning from restaurant in car,
Arjun: purab bring your bags from hostel. I am waiting for you outside.
Purab: okay.
Bulbul: purab next week my father is coming. I am going to tell him about us.
Arjun: let me fix your marriage with your dad’s permission.
Purab: no Arjun we planned to marry after finishing our studies.
Bulbul: yes Arjun he is right.
Arjun: okay as your wish.
One week later,
Arjun, purvi, purab and Bulbul are waiting at bulbul’s house for bulbul’s dad.
Bulbul’s dad came. Bulbul ran towards him and hugged him.
Bulbul: papa I missed you so much. Welcome home papa.
Bb dad: I too missed you so much.
Bb: papa this is purvi’s husband and my friend Arjun.this is purab. My… dad I need to tell you important matter.
Bb dad: before that I have a surprise for you.
Bulbul: first I’ll tell dad.
Purab: Bulbul its okay let him show the surprise.
Bb dad: Neil
Neil entered into the hall.
Neil: hi Bulbul.
Bulbul(in a confused tone): who are you?
Bb dad: he is your aunty’s son. He is doing diamond business in America.
Bulbul: oh… hi Neil. Dad he is your surprise right? Please I need to talk something to you.
Bb dad: I didn’t reveal the surprise to you yet.
Neil: uncle let me tell that.

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Neil took a diamond ring from his pocket.
Neil: Bulbul how is it?
Bulbul: its good. Why are you asking this to me?
Neil kneeled down and proposed her.
Neil: this beautiful ring needs a beautiful Girl’s finger and that is you. I love you. Will you marry me?
Everyone was shocked. Purab left from there with tears. Arjun followed him.
Bulbul: what? I don’t love you.
Bb dad: how can you love a person at first sight? You can love him after marriage. I want you to get married with Neil. Please beta accept his proposal for me.
Bulbul: sorry dad I love someone else.
Bb dad: who is that guy tell me? I will get you married with him.
Bulbul: purab.
Bb dad: arjun’s friend purab. He has nothing. He is a beggar. he is staying in his friend’s home.
Bulbul: stop it dad. Don’t talk about him like that. He is my love, my life. I don’t want to marry anyone else.
Bb dad: you can’t marry him. You are marrying Neil next week. and that’s final.
He held bulbul’s hand and locked her inside her room.
Bulbul: dad please open the door.
Don’t do this to me.
Bulbul cried heavily.
@ arjun’s home,
Purab went to his room and locked himself inside the room. He was thinking about Neil’s proposal.he was crying like a child. Purvi called Arjun and told him what happened in bulbul’s house.
Arjun: purvi you come home. we will take care of it.
Arjun knocked the door.
Arjun: bulbul’s dad house arrested Bulbul and forced her to marry Neil next week. She needs you now. Go and rescue her from there. Purab came out of the door.
Arjun: come we will go.

Purab nodded. They both left.
@ Bulbul’s dad room, Neil and bb dad drank together.
Neil: I am going to kill that purab.
Bb dad: do whatever you want. You are my son-in-law and there is no change in it.
Neil dad left from there.
Neil(in his thoughts): yeah Bulbul you rejected me for that cheap purab. Wait and see. I will marry you and torture you daily.
Bulbul was thinking about their beautiful moments. She took a knife from cupboard. she placed it near her hand.
bulbul(in her thoughts) : I am sorry purab. I am going to leave you. i promised you but I have no other choice purab. I love you purab. goodbye. god please take care of my purab.
Screen freezes with crying face of Bulbul.

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