RABUL: love forever ( episode 17)

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At hospital,
Purvi: Bulbul you go home and take rest. We will take care of purab.
Bulbul: no purvi. You both are newly married. You both go home. I will take care of my purab.
Arjun: no Bulbul you go home. Last 2 days you didn’t sleep. Purab tell her to go home and take rest.
Purab: Bulbul please go home. I will take care of me.
Bulbul ( in a crying tone): you shut up. Don’t talk anything. Idiot can’t you take care of yourself? Where was your mind while driving car? Did you think about me? If something happens to you, I will die.
Purab kept his finger on her lips.
Purab: I am sorry darling. Hereafter I will take care of myself. I love you.
Bulbul hugged him.
Bulbul: I love you too.
Purab: now you go home and take rest please.
Bulbul: I will come at evening.
Purab: okay bye.
Bulbul left.

Arjun: purvi you help purab. I will go and buy some fruits for him.
Arjun also left. Purvi cut the fruits and gave it to him.
Purvi: purab have it.
Purab: why are you doing all this?
Purvi: what did I do?
Purab: don’t act in front of me. Why are cheating my friend? He loves you truely.
Purvi: purab I don’t cheat anyone.
Purab: you are cheating Arjun. You love me and married Arjun for his money. How cheap you are!
Purvi: purab stop it. Please listen to me.
Purab: please get out from here.I don’t want to see your face.
Arjun came inside.
Purvi: Arjun…
Arjun: I heard everything.
Purab: thank god. You came to know about this cheater.
Arjun: purab stop it. I knew it already. She loved you before but not now. She is my wife. Please give some respect to her.
Purab: purab don’t trust her Arjun. You don’t know about her. She is a money minded.

Arjun got so much anger. He held purab’s collar and slapped him.
Arjun: stop your nonsense. You crossed your limits purab.
Arjun left from there angrily. Purvi followed him. Bulbul watched this all from outside.
Purab cried heavily. Bulbul came near him.
Bulbul: you did a great mistake purab.
Purab: what did you say?
Bulbul: purvi loved you truely. She sacrificed her love for us married Arjun for us. I asked her to marry you. So only she lied to me. I believed her and made her marry Arjun. She did everything for us. Yesterday after you went home, She told me everything. Arjun also knew it before marriage. I was up to tell you but you got accident. Now I came to tell you. But before that you talked with them.
Purab had tears in his eyes.
Purab: I need to ask sorry to them.
Bulbul: after you discharge, you will ask sorry to them.
Purab: no Bulbul I am going to ask sorry to them now itself.
He stood up from bed and tried to walk.he couldn’t walk so he slipped. Bulbul caught him. She made him lay on bed.
Bulbul: purab you promised me right. So please take care of your health.
After two days, purab went to arjun’s home and asked sorry to purvi and Arjun. Arjun left from there.
Purvi: purab you please don’t worry. I will talk to Arjun.
Purab: its okay purvi. I don’t deserve his friendship.
Purvi went to their room.purab with tears went to bulbul’s home. Bulbul helped purab to go to room.
@ Room,
Purab hugged Bulbul tightly. Bulbul hugged him back.
Purab: I love you Bulbul.
Bulbul: I love you too.
She asked him to take rest. Purab laid on bed. When Bulbul tried to go, he held her hand tightly.
Purab: don’t go anywhere.
Bulbul: purab let me go. I need to make lunch for you. You have to eat medicine.
Purab: you are my only medicine. Please don’t go anywhere.

She sat near him and started to caress his hair. He slept within 10 mins. Bulbul went down and made lunch to everyone. Bulbul took lunch to purab. Purab woke up. While Bulbul was feeding him,
Purab: did you eat?
Bulbul nodded her head silently.
Purab: don’t lie to me.
He took plate from her hand and started to feed her.
Bulbul: how did you find?
Purab: I know everything about you.
Bulbul: purab it’s enough. You eat.
Purab: idiot shut up. You didn’t have anything for last 2 days. Keep quiet and eat.
Purvi called Bulbul.
Bulbul: purab it’s purvi’s call.
Purab: you go and attend.
Bulbul came out.
Bulbul: haa purvi.
Purvi: Bulbul we need to do something to unite purab and Arjun.
Bulbul: yes purvi. Purab is crying inside. But he didn’t show it to me.
Purvi: Arjun is calling me. Let me talk with you later.
Arjun came near purvi.
Arjun: I am sorry purvi. Purab without knowing anything talked like that.
Purvi: Arjun I know purab loves you so much. That’s why he talked like that. But please talk with him.
Arjun: no purvi I can’t face him. I slapped him in anger.
Purvi: he forgot everything and asked sorry to you. But you showed your anger to him.
Arjun: in anger, I didn’t talk to him. I will go and talk to him.
Purvi: no use. He is not here. He went to Bulbul’s house.
Arjun: oh god. In anger he left the house. I am going to Bulbul’s house. I need to talk with him.

@ Bulbul’s house,
Purab: I am leaving this house. I am going to stay in college’s hostel.
Bulbul: purab pls stay here. Don’t go anywhere.
Purab: no Bulbul. It’s not good to stay here without your dad permission .
He went to college hostel. Arjun came to bulbul’s house.
Arjun: bb where is purab?
Bulbul: he went to college hostel.
Arjun left from there with tears.

@ hostel,
Purab was crying by hugging arjun’s photo.
Screen freezes with Arjun and purab crying face.

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