RABUL: love forever {episode 16}

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At evening, arjun was sitting in mandap. He was waiting for his bride to come. Purvi came to mandap. Arjun was mesmerised by her beauty. But our love king purab eyes fell on his love queen bulbul who is so beautiful in her merun colour lehenga. He still lost in her beauty. Bulbul came near him. Bulbul shook his shoulder but he didn’t respond. Bulbul shouted.
Bulbul: Purab
Purab: yeah Bulbul.
Bulbul: where were you lost?
Purab: I am completely lost in you.

Bulbul smiled.
Purab: darling you look too beautiful. God must’ve been showing off when He created you.
Bulbul( with a shy smile): enough Purab.
Purab: Bulbul how can I stop admiring my love?
Bulbul: okay. You stand here and admire me. I will go.
Purab held her hand.
Purab: come with me.
They went to arjun’s room. Purab made her stand in front of mirror. He hugged her from behind and rested his head on her shoulder.
Bulbul: purab we need to attend marriage.
Purab: we have some time.
Bulbul turned and showed her face to him.

Bulbul: but..
Purab put his finger on her lips. Purab: shh..
He turned her and took a beautiful necklace from the pocket and put it on her neck.
Purab: its a gift.
Bulbul: Purab today our friends wedding not ours.
Purab: but you look more beautiful than bride. So you need compliment.
Bulbul: why did you spend this much for a gift? Even a rose will make me happy.
Purab: money is not important to me than your happiness. I spent my savings. Ok leave it. I need a return gift.
Bulbul: now I understand why did you give this to me? Purab you became so naughty.
Purab: whatever.. you got your gift right? I need return gift.

Purab went so close to her.
Bulbul: Purab I need to go.
Purab: no you can’t
Purab went so close to her. Her entire body was pressed against his strong body. But she did not move, she did not want to move. His hot skin nearly burned hers. Purab’s eyes held her gaze and he lowered his face to hers. For only the fraction of a second, his mouth brushed her lower lip. Bb let herself sink deeper into this kiss and allowed her tongue to dance vividly with purabs. After hearing the knock sound, her consiousness focused again on to the present and she realized where she was. She felt purab’s smile on her lips, and she buried her embarrassed face in his cloth.
Purab went out. Bulbul followed him with a shy smile in her lips.

Marriage rituals started. Arvi took seven vows. Arjun put sindoor in purvi’s head and tied mangalsutr around her neck. After marriage, everyone busy with rituals. Bulbul came near Purab and shouted in his ear.

Bulbul: Purab.
Purab: what do you want?
Bulbul: I need your help.
Purab: tell me. What help?
Bulbul: I forgot to bring my present. Will you please bring it for me?
Purab: Bulbul you are so irresponsible. You can’t remember such a small thing. How can I leave arjun now?

Bulbul: please Purab. Please for me.
Purab: every time you melt me but not now. I won’t go.
Bulbul: if you don’t go, I will tell what you did inside to everyone.
Purab: don’t tease me . You won’t do that.
Bulbul: I can. I will prove.
She called her cousin.
Bulbul: this Purab know. He is a stupid.
Purab(in his thoughts) : omg. This Bulbul..
He went near her and closed her mouth with his hand.
Purab: okay I will go.

Bulbul: that’s like a good boy. I love you. Come soon.
She kissed his cheek.
Purab: I love you too. Where did you keep it?
Bulbul: in my cupboard.
Purab: okay.
Purab went to bulbul’s home and opened the cupboard and found that gift. While he up to close cupboard, he saw his photos there. He opened it and saw some photos and a diary. He thought that was bulbul’s diary. He opened that diary and shocked to see purvi’s name.
He was shocked to see his photos in purvi diary. He read first few pages and misunderstood purvi. He thought that purvi was cheating his friend and lover.he took that diary and photos with him and left that place angrily. He drove so fact. While driving, a child came opposite to him. He turned the car and his car hit truck. He was bleeding heavily. Some people took him to hospital. Bulbul called him through phone. One man attend that call.
Bulbul: hello Purab. Where are you?

Stranger: madam. This person’s car hit with trick. He was injured so badly. We admitted him in ‘xyz’ hospital. Will you please come?
Bulbul dropped her phone and burst out in tears.

Bulbul shouted,” purab”.
Everyone went to hospital. Purab was in icu. Operation was going on. Bulbul was sitting hopelessly with tears. Doctor came out and said,” he is in critical stage. We can’t say anything”.
Bulbul hugged purvi and crying like a child.

After an hour, doctor said,” he is out of danger now. But don’t give any stress to him. If he gets stress, then we can not save him. You can see him after he opened his eyes.
Bulbul is waiting for Purab to come to concious. She wants to hug him tightly. She wants to kiss him. She is missing him badly outside. But he is unconscious now.
Bulbul: purvi it happened like a dream
Purvi: don’t worry.

Bulbul: hmm.
After two days, he opened his eyes. Bulbul jumped in happiness. She gave sweets to everyone.
Arjun: see Purab what is she doing? Last two days she didn’t have anything. Now, she is feeding sweets to everyone.

Purab remained silent thinking about purvi….
Screen freezes..

Sorry it is short. Next will be long with many twists.

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