RABUL: love forever {episode 15}

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Evening sangeet starts,
Arjun and purvi sit together.
Arjun wore skyblue colour sherwani and purvi wore skyblue with golden colour lehenga.
Bulbul wore. white colour frock and purab wore black color coat with white shirt.
Bulbul started to dance for radhaa song from student of the year. All family members joined her. next all couple started to dance.
Conversation between arjun and purvi while dancing,
Arjun: you look too good.
Purvi: arjun are you really happy in our marriage?
Arjun: yes.

Purvi: how?
Arjun: I love you. I am sure one day you will accept my love.
Purvi: I don’t know wheter I can love you or not. But I respect you and support you.
Conversation between purab and bulbul,
Purab: you look gorgeous.
Bulbul: you also look handsome. Purab do you angry with me?
Purab: no, how can I be angry with my cute little bird?
Bulbul: am I look like bird?
Purab: yes, only to my eyes.
Bulbul: oh. That much possessive on me?

Purab: yes you are mine only.
Bulbul: and you are mine.
After sangeet ends. Purab called bulbul and asked her to come to front gate. Bulbul went to front gate.
Purab: darling come we will go?
Bulbul: where?
Purab: my cute little bird, please don’t ask questions.
Bulbul: I won’t come.
Purab: please please please.

Bulbul: okay we will go.
Purab and bulbul went to mall.
Bulbul: why did we come here?
Purab: we are going to watch movie gentle man.
Bulbul: movie date?
Purab: yes.
While watching movie,

Bulbul: oh my god. Purab see how cute my siddhart is!
Purab{ in jealousy}: what your siddhart?
Bulbul: don’t get jealous.
Purab: I am not jealous. He is an actor. But I am your boy friend.
Bulbul {to make him jealous}: purab see how romantic he is! You are nothing infront of him.
Purab: Ms. Bulbul, do you want to see how romantic I am?
Bulbul: you romantic?
She laughed.

Bulbul:Mr. Purab khanna go and learn something from siddhart .
Purab pulled her close to him, angling his face to hers until their lips locked.
At first the kiss was small, gentle and very meaningful. But then it grew bigger and more intense. She tasted tentatively with her tongue as she traced it across the bottom of his lip. Soon they started swallowing each other making the kiss even more intense. he let out a moan and so did she while her warm breath traveled into his face. ….
Purab: is this enough?
Bulbul hide her face in his shirt.

After film gets over, purab and bulbul went to bulbul’s home.
Bulbul: purab go home. Someone may see us.
Purab: why should I go? this is my fiancee’s house. I will stay here today.
Purab went close to her. that time purvi coughed loudly.
Purvi: purab I have one idea. Marry bb now itself and take her to your home.
Purab: I have some work. Bye
Purvi laughed at bulbul and bb ran to her room.

Bulbul{in thoughts}: this purab know? He did something and went home. Now how can I face purvi.
That time purab called her. bulbul cut the call. Purab was continuously calling her. finally, bulbul attended the call.
Bulbul: I won’t talk to you.
Purab: what happened to my cute little bird?
Bulbul: bcoz of you,I can’t face purvi now.
Purab: she can understand us.
Bulbul: what understand? Don’t talk to me.
Purab: okay my dear I am sorry.
Bulbul: Mr. Purab khanna, your appologise is not accepted. You can’t melt me eesly. Good night.
Ater an hour, purab came to bulbul”s room through window. She was sleeping cutely. Purab tried to wake her up.
Bulbul{in dreams}: purab don’t disturb me.
Purab realized that she was in dreams.
Purab: bulbul.
Bulbul: hmm.
Purab{in thoughts}: she is replying me in dreams.
Purab: bulbul do you like siddhart?
Bulbul: no…
Purab: why?
Bulbul: bcoz I love you. I just used him to irritate you.
Purab went near her and shouted, “bulbul” .

Bulbul wokeup and saw purab. Bulbul thought that was a dream.
Bulbul: in dreams too, you look so cute to my eyes.
Purab: but it is not a dream.
He pinched her and she shouted.
Bulbul: what are you doing in my room?

Purab: I came here to ask sorry.
Bulbul: get out. I won’t fogive you.
Purab: bulbul its not fair. You were romancing me in your dream. But see what are you ding in reality.
Bulbul: how did you know about my dreams?
Purab: I know everything about you. I too know that you didn’t like siddhart. You used his name to irritate me.
Bulbul: purab you?
She hugged him tightly.
Bulbul: go home. We will meet tomorrow.

Purab: you forgave me right?
Bulbul: hmm honey. Tomorrow haldi and marriage. Day after tomorrow we should go to college. so go and sleep.
Purab: okay madam.
Purab left. Bulbul slept. Next day.

@ arjun’s home,
Arjun’s dad: purab purvi’s mother called me and asked for haldi. Go and give this haldi to her.
Purab: okay uncle.
Purab went to bulbul’s home with haldi. He gave that haldi to sarla.
Purab: maa where is bulbul?

Sarla: she is in her room.
Purab took a bowl and put some haldi in it. He went to bulbul’s room. Door is closed. He pushed the door. It opened. He saw her from behind. She was trying to put her lehenga choli’s hook. Purab went so close to her. bulbul felt his presence and saw him in mirror. She was breathing heavily. Purab put her hook one by one. She felt his touch on her body and closed her eyes tightly.
Purab{in her ears}: open your eyes.
She opened her eyes and turned. She saw his eyes. They had a cute eye lock.
Bulbul: I locked the door. How did you come here?
Purab: I opened it. I think, you didn’t lock it well.

While talking, Purab applied haldi on her face.
Bulbul: purab you?
He laughed at her. he took that bowl and applied haldi on her again and again. He emptied that bowl and showed it to her. she chased him. She slipped and fell on him. They both fell on bed. Purab saw her eyes. Bulbul removed his shirt buttons. He applied haldi all over his face and body. She laughed at him.
Purab: I will go and fresh up.
Bulbul: wait first I wash my face.

Purab: no I will go first.
Bulbul: I will go first.
They both rushed towards the washroom. They both enters washroom. They fought with eachother. Suddenly shower opened. Water fell on them. She slipped and fell on purab’s shoulder.
Bulbul and purab laughed at each other.
Bulbul: get out. I need to change.
Purab: if I go out like this, everyone will laugh at us.
Bulbul: then what will we do?
Purab: do you have any clothes for me?
Bulbul: I won’t wear shirts and pants.

Purab: so funny.
Bulbul: you wait here. I will go to wash room and change my dress and I go and get my papa’s clothes for you.
Purab: fine.
She went inside and changed her dress and give her papa’s dress to purab. Purab changed his dress. He came out.
Purab: bulbul this is too big.
Bulbul: you go home and change your clothes and get ready for arvi’s marriage.
Purab went to home. Rabul think about their moments.

Screen freezes with purab and bulbul’s smiling face.

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