RABUL: love forever {episode 12}

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Purab: darling mission success.
Bulbul: we should fix arvi’s engagement soon.
Purab: then ours
Rabul smiled.
@ home,
bb: sarla maa I need to talk with you about purvi’s marriage. she loves arjun. He also loves her. They r made for each other.
Sarla maa: what love?
Bulbul: maa don’t scold her. He is very good man maa. He is our friend.
Sarla maa: if you are okay with him. Then call his parents. i will talk with them.
Bulbul: maa I need to share something.
sarla: what?
bb:about my love.
Sarla: you love purab. I need to talk with your dad about your love right? Don’t worry. Sir will accept him for you.

Bulbul: love u maa.
@ bulbul’s room, bulbul lost in purab thoughts. Suddenly purab came to her room through window.
Bulbul: purab what r u doing here?
Purab: I forgot to say something.
Bulbul: what?
Purab: I love you.
Bulbul: for that only u came here.
Purab: I wanted to see. I cant sleep. I cant eat. Your thoughts don’t let me do anything. I really miss you.
Bulbul: I too feel so. I am in your thoughts.
Purab: come we’ll go out.
Bulbul: r u mad? Time is 1 am. Its too cold outside.
Purab: ok then we’ll talk here. I have no problem.
Bulbul: okay fine come we’ll go.
Rabul came out. They went to park.
Purab: bulbul whenever I feel lonely, I will come here. I spent many nights here.
Bulbul: hereafter u won’t feel lonely. Bcoz I am with u always and forever.
Purab: so only I called you here .bulbul can i hug u? bcoz I just wanted to share my every pain wth you.
Bulbul hugged him tightly.
Bulbul: our future will be filled with love and happiness. Forget your past. Let’s move on.
Purab nodded as yes.
Bulbul and purab slept in park bench. Purab woke up at 3 am and saw bulbul who was shivering in cold. Purab put his jackets on her and took her in his arms. Purab went to bb’s home. Purab put her in her bed. He wrote a message,” thanks with love purab”. Purab went to arjun’s room{he is staying in arjun’s home}.next day bulbul woke up and a saw purab’s jacket and his message. She smiles cutely.she went to college to see his love. She met arjun.
Bulbul: arjun where is purab?
Arjun: he has fever. He won’t come to college. he asked me to give this letter to you.
Bulbul went from there and read that letter.” Hi bulbul. I have fever so I can’t see you today . I miss u. I will take care of myself. You don’t worry about me. Please take care of yourself. Pls listen to lectures carefully bcoz education is very important to everyone. Don’t cut the classes for me. Its promise.

Bulbul gets upset. She attended all classes for purab. She listened carefully. After class gets over, she went to purab’s home to see him. He was sleeping cutely. She sat near and touched his head. She got panic as he had high temperature. She called doctor. Doctor gave some medicines. She prepared something for him and fed him. She gave him medicines too. He slept due to that medicines. Whole night bulbul took care of him very well. She slept in a sitting position. Next morning, purab woke up and saw bulbul. he kissed her forehead. Bulbul woke up.
Bulbul: I am sorry purab. I slept. Do you need anything?
Purab: bulbul I don’t want anything. Sit here. You are very tired. Today Sunday you go home and take rest. We’ll meet in evening.
Bulbul: but you r not well.
Purab: I am absolutely fine now. You go home and take rest. Arjun will take care of me.
Bulbul: okay bye. Love you.
Purab; love you too.
Purab asked arjun to drop bulbul in home. He dropped her.
Later in evening, Purab, arjun and his father went to bb’s home to talk about arvi’s marriage. All are okay with their marriage. They fixed marriage next week and engagement tomorrow.
Purvi [In thoughts]: I should do this for bb’s happiness. But I should not cheat arjun.
Arjun and his father went to home. Purab: Bulbul come with me. We should do arrangements.

Bulbul: yeah Purab. Purvi don’t you come?
Purvi: I have headache. You two go. I’ll come later.
Bulbul: okay Purab lets go.
Bulbul and Purab went to arjun’s home and helped them in doing arrangements. Bulbul stood in a stool to make flower arrangements. Suddenly she slipped and Purab caught her in his arms. They had a cute eyelock.
Arjun: tomorrow engagement is mine. Not yours.
Purab made her stand properly. They finished arrangements.
Arjun’s dad: bulbul its too late. You stay in guest room.
Purab: s stay in guest room. I’ll show you way.
Arjun’dad: what is going on between them.
Arjun: they love eachother.
Dad: we’ll fix both engagement tomorrow.
Arjun: no dad bb is waiting for her dad’s approval.
Purab showed bulbul guestroom.
Purab: I think I’ll also stay here today. You are new to this home right. As a lover, I should help you.
Bulbul: no need Mr. Purab khanna. I’ll take care of myself. You go to your room and sleep.
Purab: bulbul. atleast ek kiss.

Bulbul: no chance Mr. Purab. First you impress me. Then we’ll think about kiss.
Purab: challenge?
Bulbul: yes challenge.
Purab: you are challenging your love going to be Mrs. Purab.
Bulbul: s. do something.
Purab: see what will I do?
Bulbul: I am waiting.
Purab left.
Screen freezes with cute smiling face of bulbul.

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