RABUL: love forever (episode 11)

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After prayer, purvi went to store room. Rabul followed her. Purvi took a photo and started to cry. Rabul watched her.
Purab: I think that is purvi’s lover photo.
Bulbul: I think so.
Purab: after purvi comes out, u go and see whose pic is that.
Bulbul: okay.
Puab: before that u should do something.
Bulbul: what?
Purab: come with me.
They went to bulbul’s room.

Purab: Ms. Bulbul Arora you forgot something.
While saying this purab locked the door. he hugged her from behind.
Bulbul: purab what r u doing? Leave me. Someone may see us.
Purab: first you give my gift.
Bulbul: purab close your eyes.
Purab: why?
Bulbul: please………..
Purab: okay.
Purab closed his eyes. Bulbul went close to him and kissed his cheek gently.
Purab opened his eyes.
Purab: why did you kiss me in cheek? I am not your child. Iam your hubby.
Bulbul: then where?
Purab: lips.

Bulbul: I cant
Purab: okay fine. You need not give my gift. I will take it fom you.
Purab walked forward towards bulbul. She walked backwards. Purab pulled her close. Bulbul is breathing heavily. He kissed her deeply. She held him tightly. After a minute he left her. Bulbul is blushing like anything. She hugged him.
Purab: thank u bulbul.
Bulbul: for what?

Purab: for coming in my life.
Bulbul: no need to thank me.
Arjun knocked bulbul room door.
Arjun: purab if your romance is over, can we go?
Purab opened the door.
Arjun: purab we should go. It’s getting late.
Purab: bye bulbul. See you tomorrow.
Bulbul: bye

Purab and arjun left.
Bulbul[to herself]: I fogot to see that photo.
She went to storeroom and took that photo. She saw the picture of purab and arjun.
Bulbul[to herself] : which means purvi loves purab.
She cried heavily. She went to her room to talk with purvi. Purab was calling her continuously but she didn’t attend his calls. Purab was worried about her.
Bulbul: purvi tomorrow I am going to fix your marriage date.
Purvi: what marriage with whom?
Bulbul: with purab.
Purvi: purab? R u mad? You love purab and purab loves u.
Bulbul: you too love purab right?

Purvi: no. who told u like that?
Bulbul: you were crying in storeroom with this photo right?
Purvi: yes I did. But I don’t love purab.
Bulbul: then whom do u love?
Purvi[with no other choice lied to her ]: I love arjun.
Bulbul: don’t lie to me. Arjun is single. Then y don’t u propose him?
Purvi: he is rich. I am poor.

Bulbul: really u love arjun?
Purvi: s.
Bulbul: thank god. U don’t worry I will unite u and arjun.
Bulbul left. Purvi burst out in cry.
Purvi{to herself}: I am sorry bulbul. I cant tell truth. I can even marry arjun for your happiness.
Bulbul called purab in happiness.

Purab: hello.
Bulbul kissed in phone continuously.
Purab; yeah bulbul. What happened?

Bulbul: love you purab love you so much.
Purab: love u too. Tell me what happened?
Bulbul: I found out who is purvi’s lover. If u come to know who is that guy, u will freeze in shock`.
Purab: tell me who is that guy?
Bulbul: first promise me. You should help me in uniting purvi and that person.
purab: I promise`
bulbul: ur frnd Arjun.
Purab: what arjun?
Bb: why r u shouting? Will u help me?
Purab: I will help you. I will talk wit arjun.

@ arjun’s room
Purab: arjun what do u think about purvi?
Arjun: hey purab don’t cheat bulbul.
Purab: hey idiot. I asked your opinion.
Arjun: good girl. I too like her.
Purab: u like her or love her?
Arjun: me love? R u mad?

Purab: not me. You are mad about purvi.
Arjun: what r u speaking?
Purab opened arjun’s cupboard whis is full of purvi’s photo.
Purab: then what is this arjun?
Arjun: yes I love her. I love her from starting. But I don’t know whether she loves me or not.
Purab: okay. Tomorrow you should propose her.

Arjun: but..
Purab: no buts and ifs. U should propose her that’s it.
Arjun: okay fine.

Purab gets happy. He called bb.
Purab: bulbul arjun accepted his love for purvi. Tomorrow he is going to propose her.
Bulbul: what arjun loves purvi?
purab: that’s a big story. We will talk about it later.
Next day purab and arjun; bb and purvi came to college. They met eachother in canteen. Suddenly it started raining.
Purab: come darling we will enjoy rain.

Bulbul: hmm.
Purab signaled arjun to propose her. He nodded.
Rabul were watching them from distance. Purvi observed them. Arjun pulled purvi in rain. Arjun kneeled down and proposed her.
Arjun: will u marry me?

Purvi who knew its bb’s plan without choice nodded her head. Arjun in happiness hugged her tightly.
Purvi[in thoughts]: I am sorry arjun. I am cheating you.
Screen freezes wth rabul happy face.

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