RABUL: love forever (episode 10)

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Next day Bulbul went to college. She was searching for purab. Suddenly someone pulled her that is none other than purab.
Purab: hi.
Bulbul: I was scared
Purab: sorry.
Bulbul smiled and hugged purab.
Bulbul: purab. Do you have any idea?
Purab: what idea?
Bulbul: idea to find purvi’s lover
Purab: tomorrow ganesh utsav know. I will come to your home to find out him.
Bulbul: yeah that’s good idea. Okay bye.
Purab hold her hands.
Purab: what bye?
Bulbul: then
Purab: where is my gift?

Bulbul: sorry purab. Tell me what do you want? Flower,choclate, car, bike or anything else.
Purab: I don’t want these things.
Bulbul: then what do you want?
Purab: I want one thing that you only can give not money.
Bulbul: purab. At least give some clue.
Purab: that is four letter word.
Bulbul : love uh?
Purab: I need your love lifetime. But now…
Bulbul: what now?? Purab please tell, otherwise I will go.
Purab: wait I will tell.
Bulbul: okay tell.
Purab: kiss.
Bulbul was blushing like anything.
Purab: someone is blushing.
Bulbul: purab I can’t give that.
Purab: you promised me right? You should give.
Purab turned other side and showed fake anger.
Bulbul: okay I will give.
Purab: really?
Bulbul: but not now. Tomorrow I will give.
Purab: promise
Bulbul: pakka promise.
Purab: come we will go to class.
Bulbul: hmm.
After class finished, Bulbul and Purvi went to Bulbul home.

@ Bulbul’s room,
Purvi: bulbul. Tomorrow we should get up early and make some arrangements.
Bulbul didn’t respond.
Purvi: Bulbul where were you lost?
Bulbul: nothing. Come we will sleep.
Bulbul(in her thoughts) : I can sacrifice anything for your happiness Purvi. You are not only my friend. You are like my sister.
I will find out who is your love…

Next morning,
Sarla, Bulbul, Purvi were busy with arrangements. Bulbul went to his father’s room and called him for pooja.
Bb’s dad:sorry dear. I am leaving to uk.
Bulbul: papa you are always busy. You have no time for me right.
Dad: no dear. Nothing like that. I am working for you. I will come after 1 month with a surprise for you.
Bulbul: okay papa. Bye. I will miss you.
Bulbul dad left. Bulbul went downstairs.
Purvi: where is papa?
Bulbul: he is leaving to uk.
Purvi: don’t worry.
She was upset. Suddenly she saw purab and Arjun. A beautiful smile came into her lips. She ran towards purab and hugged him. Purab also hugged her. They lost in each other. Arjun coughs and made them realize. They both blushed.
Arjun: some people are blushing.
Purab hited him in his shoulder. They all did pooja. pooja.purab and Bulbul did pooja together.
Purab prayed: god I have only Bulbul and Arjun in my life. Keep them both happy. Don’t separate them from me.
Bulbul prayed: god please help me in finding purvi’s lover. And keep my Purvi, purab, sarla Maa, dad happy.
Purvi prayed: god I sacrificed my love for my Bulbul. Please always keep her and purab happy.
Arjun prayed: keep my purab happy.

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Episode ends…

Guys sorry I am always late.
I am going to unite Purvi and Arjun in upcoming episodes. Are you all okay with Purvi and arjun? Or will you suggest some other couple than them? But remember I will give less importance to them…

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