RABUL: forever love (character sketch)

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hi I’m big fan of rabul. I really love them so much. Iam missing them badly. so I wanted to create cute love story with full of emotions, fun..

here the character sketch is
Purab Khanna: he is an orphan doing his UG course 2nd year by getting scholarship in ABC college. he is very sincere in studies. he don’t speak with anyone except with his frnd. he is so calm.
Bulbul arora: cute, bubbly girl, over smart. she is doing her UG course 2nd year in same college.classmate of purab. she thinks that he is rude but she doesn’t know the reason behind his loneliness.
Varun Kapur(imagine someone): father of bb. he is a single parent of bb. he left her with her maid. he won’t spend time with bb.
janaki: maid of bb. mom of purvi. she doesn’t make difference between bb and purvi.
purvi: frnd of bb. they r like sister. they r studying in same college same class. she loves purab secretly but she doesn’t reveal it to anyone even to bb.
arjun(imagine ur own character): he is only frnd of purab. he is smart, very flirty, talk with everyone. very rich, loves his frnd so much.

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