Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua asks Momo to leave the house

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 9th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua thinks she needs to talk to Momo. She tries to leave but Haider asks her to stay with Ammi. Otherside Gazal makes Momo eat spices so she rushes and drinks juice in desperation. Gazal makes a video of that. Momo says you both are animals, I will expose you both. Gazal says I will show this video after your death and show it as your suicide because you drank poison. Gulnaz shows her the poison bottle and says we made you drink this juice which had poison. Momo is shocked and tries to vomit. Gazal says you won’t be saved now… there is one medicine that can save you. Momo pleads with them to save her. Gulnaz says our condition is that you will keep your mouth shut. Momo says I promise to not tell anyone. Gazal says I will start my plan 2. Gulnaz asks Momo to go and get the medicine from the market that will save her. Momo runs from there.

Gazal goes to Dadi and slaps her. She starts screaming and calls the family there. All the family members come there. Haider sees Dadi’s neck bleeding. Gazal cries and says someone did this with her. Haider bandages her wound and says how did this happen? Dadi tries to point towards Gazal but she holds her hand and says she must be scared. Haider says where is her necklace? someone must have tried to take it and hurt her in the process. Dadi recalls how Gazal did it. Ruhaan says what if there is a thief in the house? Dua thinks what if Gazal is behind this?

Momo is trying to leave the house in haste but Gulnaz stops her and says what are you taking away? All family members come there. Gulnaz snatches her bag and finds some jewelry inside. Ruhaan stops Momo from leaving. All are shocked. Rahat says this is Dadi’s necklace. Gulnaz says this girl is a thief. Momo pleads with Dua and says they are both behind this. I didn’t steal anything. They made me drink poison and I was running away to get some medicine. Gulnaz says you are making up stories? you had poison but you are still alive? Dua says Momo doesn’t lie. She asks her to tell her what she wanted? Momo says I will die, I need to get medicines first. Ruhaan says you don’t need to leave for that. He asks Ravi to bring the doctor.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Momo and says you have no symptoms of having poison, you are totally okay. He leaves. Momo cries and says they both framed me. Gulnaz and Gazal must have hid jewelry in my bag and then made me drink poisonous juice. I will prove it. Gazal brings the juice and says I will prove it if you are lying or not. She drinks the juice while all look on. Gazal acts like coughing.

Hina is worried about Gazal and says Dua must be harrassing her again. Kaynaat says why are you behaving like this with Dua? you called her your daughter and now you act like she is a stranger? Hina says because she has lost a plot, you are blinded by emotions that’s why you are taking Dua’s side. Kaynaat says you are blinded by Gazal. You won’t go anywhere and need to stay here. She thinks Dua was right that Gazal has trapped everyone.

Gazal acts like coughing but then starts laughing and tells the family that Momo was lying. Momo says you both are lying.. you want Haider.. Dua stops her and says why did you steal like this? I told you that I will convince Haider to let you stay here but you did this? I won’t hear anything from you now. You can’t stay here anymore. You need to leave and don’t ever come back. Give everything back that you stole and leave. Momo cries and says I didn’t steal. She takes her bag and leaves from there while Dua cries. Haider looks on.

Momo is leaving the house when Gazal and Gulnaz come there. Gazal says you wanted be loyal to this family but see what they did with you. Gulnaz says even Dua insulted you. Momo says I don’t care about Dua or this family anymore. She deletes Dua’s number and leaves from there. Gulnaz asks Gazal what if she tells Dua anything? Gazal says she won’t.. I know how poor people are. She was insulted so she would never take Dua’s side anymore.

Ravi is calling Momo but she is not picking up. Dua says I saw in her eyes that she was scared but she wanted to tell me something. Gazal created a situation in a way that I had to ask her to leave. She asks him to go and look for Momo. He says I know.. I am just worried about Haider as he looked stressed. Dua says I know, he takes Ruhaan as his son so he won’t be able to see him hurt.

Ruhaan is angry and tells Noor that Dua is behind Gulnaz and Gazaal. She acts like a saint but she is so cruel.. she is scared of Gazal and thinks she will lose her power because of Gazal but the truth is she has no importance in the house anymore. Haider comes there and asks if he is done? Ruhaan looks on.

Precap: Dua says to everyone it was Dadi Ammi’s wish that Gazal should be daughter in law of this house, now I also want Ruhan and Gazal should get married and says to Gaza get ready to be my sister in law and obey my rules.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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