Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal tries to keep Momo away from Dua

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Momo is scared and rushes to Dua. She asks what happened? Gazal hides and thinks I have to do something. Dua hears Hina screaming and rushes to her. They all come in the lounge and find Hina lying on the ground. Haider asks how did this happen? Hina cries as she has a foot sprain. Haider calls Ravi and asks him to bring a doctor. Gulnaz says thank God I saw her and rushed to her. Rahat asks how did she fall down? Gulnaz shows the mop and water on the floor and says this Momo left it here which made Hina fall down. Haider gets angry and asks Momo if this happened because of her? The flashback shows how Gulnaz tried to stop Momo and got an idea when she saw Hina coming there so she threw water there. The flashback ends. Gazal says Momo should have been careful. Momo says I didn’t do it.. she looks at Gulnaz and says she is framing me. Ruhaan asks her to behave and don’t try to blame her. I just saw you breaking a vase and when I tried to ask her to clean it then she ran away. Momo says I was searching for Dua because I wanted to tell her something important. Haider shouts what was so important that you forgot your work? Momo points at Gulnaz. Dua asks her to tell them what she wants to. Momo is scared but says Gazal and Gulnaz are against.. Haider says enough with these fights. Are everyone against each other? I don’t care about anything else but Hina. Dua says let her explain but Haider says enough. Dua thinks I know Gazal and Gulnaz are behind this. Haider says you have crossed a line. Dua scolds Momo and asks her to apologize to Hina. Haider says no.. it won’t take away her pain. I have decided that Momo will not stay in this house anymore. Gazal smirks and thinks this is good. Haider asks her to pack her bags and leave. Dua says she did a mistake so at least listen to her. Haider says you always protect her but this can’t happen again so she has to leave. Ravi brings a doctor so all take Hina from there. Momo tells Dua that I don’t care what happened with me but you need to know the truth. Gazal is scared. Dua says what you want to tell me? Haider tells Dua that Hina needs her. Dua says I will talk to you later, she goes from there. Momo cries and says I just want to save this family. Gazal tells her that no one will trust you so get lost. Momo says I will leave but I will expose you both in front of Dua first. Gazal says what will you get? Dua didn’t even defend you. Momo says you both think you are smart but I will expose you both. Gulnaz says you want money? just keep your mouth shut. Momo spits and says I am not disloyal like you both. She tries to leave but Gazal strangles her. Momo pushes her away and says I am not scared of death. She messages her family and says if anything happens to me then you both will be blamed for it. You can’t fool the police right? don’t try to do what you did with Dadi. I will wait for Dua so get lost. Gazal and Gulnaz are scared. Gulnaz says we are in trouble now. Gazal looks on. She finds her bag and gets an idea. She tells it to Gulnaz. Gazal takes Haider’s wallet. She hugs his jacket but Gulnaz asks her to focus. They steal things from multiple rooms. Gazal comes to Dadi’s room and asks Dadi to not be scared. I need your necklace. She snatches it from her. She scratches her neck and leaves.

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Momo is outside Hina’s room and hints at Dua but she can’t leave. Gulnaz and Gazal come to the lounge. They find Momo’s bag and hides the stolen items in her bag. Gazal asks Gulnaz to start her drama. Gulnaz goes to Momo and silently drags her awway. Gazal makes her eat spices forcefully.

The doctor checks Hina and says I will precribe painkillers to you. Dua thinks she needs to talk to Momo.

Precap: Gulnaz says to Mumtaz show me your bag and tries to look into it. Mumtaz pushes her away and tries to run. Ruhaan tries to snatch her bag but her bag falls down. Jewellery falls out from her bag. Gulnaz says that’s a big steal. Mumtaaz says I did not steal anything. Dua says shutup, if you needed money, you could have asked me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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