Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dua finds the truth about Gazal’s father

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 7th December 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider throws Gazal out of the house and says if you try to enter our house again then I won’t spare you, just get lost from here. Dua is shocked. Haider says this is my house and I will decide who will stay here or not. Dua leaves from there. Hina tells Haider that you proved today that humanity is dead, you broke Dua’s heart today. I know you don’t like Gazal but as a man you should always protect a woman. Haider says I don’t like that girl and I want Dua to be away from her otherwise she can burn this house. Dadi says you might burn this house with your anger one day, she leaves. Hina tells Haider that you have a clean heart but your angry words can hurt someone badly. Haider says I am sorry. Hina asks him to go and pacify Dua. She leaves. Haider thinks I have to talk to Dua.

Gazal is outside the house and is angry. Gulnaz comes to her and says I am sorry for the insult you had to bear, Haider has no manners. I wanted to stop him but he is our bread-winner so we can’t say anything against him. She cries and says I am stuck in this house. Gazal smirks and says you are responsible for everything that happened today. You saw Haider’s name on the dupatta but you still made me wear thar dupatta.. it made the goons think Dua was me and she got kidnapped. Your son is ill-mannered but.. Gulnaz says he is not my son, he is my step-son. Gazal says I don’t care but if you try to use me against your step-son then I won’t spare you, she leaves. Gulnaz says this girl is spicy and she can be used to destroy Haider and Dua’s lives.

Ruhaan is leaving the house, Kaynaat says what are you doing? Ruhaan says I am worried about Gazal. Kaynaat says you know Haider will be angry if he finds out, you should stay away from her.

Dua is sitting alone. Haider comes to her and recalls how he scolded her for being friends with Gazal. Dua tries to leave but mistakenly pricks Haider with a needle. She gets worried and says I am really sorry, I will bandage it. Haider stops her and says I gave you pain, I shouldn’t have been angry like that. Dua says I should apologize for going against you. Haider says I should apologize in front of everyone. Dua says we can clarify everything between us. Haider pulls her closer and says lets solve it between us then. He is about to kiss her but Kaynaat and Noor come there so they get away. Kaynaad says Hina is calling Dua. Dua leaves. Haider says I have to make this day special. Ruhaan comes there and says you have hurt her so you have to do something special for her. Just wait and watch to see what I do.

Gazal comes back to her house. She says that angry man is so spoiled and a brat, I would never go back to his house.

Hina calls Dua to her room. Rahat and Dadi are there too. Gulnaz hides and spies on them. Dadi sees her and closes the door on her. Hina tells Dua that we are thankful for what you did for Gazal. Dua says what? Hina says Gazal’s father did a huge favor on us. When Haider was a child, he got very ill. We were in the market one day, I left Haider and went to the shop, Haider was taken away my Gazal’s father Rahmani. He ran away with Haider, we went behind him but then he took Haider to the hospital. We found that Haider was losing his breath so Rahmani didn’t waste time and took him to the hospital in time. Dua says it means Haider’s life is Gazal’s father’s favor on us? Does Haider knows about this? Hina says Rahmani made us promise to never tell this to Haider because he didn’t want Haider to be burdened by any favors. He died and since then we did everything we could for Gazal. Dua says it means its my duty to protect Gazal now.

Gazal thinks about Haider insulting her and says I shouldn’t think about that man. Iqbal comes to her room and tries to kidnap her. He is about to strangle her to death.

Precap: Dua gets a call from Gazal. Haider says no need to pick. Few people are knocking at Gazal’s door and window, she gets scared.
Dua asks about Gazal. Haider takes her phone and says, I told you not to contact her. She says Gazal was crying, she might be needing our help. Haider shouts at her and mistakenly drops a vase which hurts Dua, she shouts in pain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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