Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal has kidnapped Hafeez too

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal thinks to take care of Dua today only.

Gulnaz and others call Dua, Ravi says Hafeez was calling us all but he is not picking now. Dua checks her phone and finds many missed calls from Hafeez. She reads the message that he found Ruhaan but he needs help.

Gazal is calling Ijaz but he is not picking up.

Ijaz has tied Hafeez and Ruhaan both. Hafeez shouts for Ruhaan to wake up but Ijaz grabs him and says you thought you could run away with him? you think you followed me here? no, I brought you here. I saw you following me and I plotted all that to trap you. He sees Kaynaat calling him and says your lover is calling. Hafeez asks him to shut up. Ijaz says I know everything. Gazal gave me the news, we are very dangerous so don’t make me angry. He beats him and says I will beat you because Dua beat me up. He keeps beating him, Hafeez faints and his wallet falls down. Dua is trying to call Hafeez, Ijaz takes the call and laughs evilly. Dua shouts to not hurt my brother, I won’t spare you. Ijaz says you should beg me to leave your brother alive, he ends the call. Dua cries and worries about Hafeez, she says I shouldn’t have send him there alone. Gazal comes there and claps. She says why are you crying if you are lioness? you were saying big things but now you are crying? tell your mother that I am taking over your family slowly. You couldn’t even protect your brother from me. Dua shouts at her to shut up, I will punish you so badly for this. Gazal laughs and says if you worry about Ruhaan and Hafeez then you should be begging me, you don’t deserve my pity. I have to take my beauty nap now, she goes from there. Gulnaz says I will kill her today. Dua says we can’t do anything as Ruhaan and Hafeez are in their trap. Gulnaz cries and says I am worried for them.

Gazal calls Ijaz and says you have made me proud. We are strong now, they can’t run away at any cost. He says don’t worry, I really enjoyed seeing Dua crying. She ends the call. Gazal thinks I will throw Dua out of Haider’s life.

Kaynaat worries about Hafeez and says what if Gazal hurts him? Dua says don’t worry, we will save them. Dadi asks how? Dua recalls a memory. The flashback shows how Dua used to find things for Haider, and gave him a tracker so he won’t lose his things but Haider told her that he has her so he doesn’t need it. The flashback ends. Dua says Haider might be away from me but his things are still with me. I knew they would take Hafeez’s phone but I had put a tracker in his wallet, we can track their location. She promises to bring them back.

Precap: Dua is with her family outdoor. She says GPS is showing location somewhere near, we should go and search while on foot. Everyone finds Habib in a building as a hostage. They untie him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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