Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Haider asks Gazal to get lost from his house

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 6th December 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Iqbal is about to stab Haider, Dua stands in front of him and is about to get stabbed but Ruhaan arrives there and stops Iqbal. Haider hugs Dua tightly and cries. He asks if she is okay? She nods and says I was worried for you. Haider says you can’t put your life in danger for some other woman. He glares at Gazal and asks Dua to not care for this girl. Iqbal says I won’t spare you. He is about to attack Gazal but Haider saves her and starts beating them. He asks Dua to leave, she says I won’t go without you. Haider asks Gazal to take her away. Dua says I won’t go. Haider grabs Gazal and takes her from there while Dua is worried about Ruhaan. Haider sees Dua didn’t follow him and asks Gazal where is she? Dua calls Haider and asks him to save Ruhaan. Gazal and Haider start beating the goons. They save Ruhaan. Haider beats Iqbal and says how dare you touch my Dua. Dua smiles at him. Gazal smiles at his love too. Ruhaan flirts with her but she asks him to stop it. Iqbal takes a gun and is about to shoot Haider. He says I won’t spare you now. All are shocked. Dua stands in front of him. The police arrive and arrests Iqbal. Dua hugs Haider and says I am okay.

Gulnaz acts like crying and tells Dadi that I am worried about Ruhaan, he went there to save Haider. Hina says they are all fine and coming back home.

Haider, Dua, Gazal and Ruhaan are in the car. Haider cleans up Dua’s wounds and makes her drink water. Gazal thinks he acts like an angry man but he does care for his wife a lot. Ruhaan stares at Gazal. Haider tells Dua that I am happy you are okay. They smile at each other. Gazal thinks I am a little jealous of Dua for having a loving husband.

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Rahat tells Gulnaz that Ruhaan went there to save his brother. Gulnaz says why did my son have to save him? you should have gone there but not Ruhaan, he doesn’t have a proper relationship with them. Haider comes there with the others and says don’t try to come between the brothers. Hina rushes to Dua and asks if she is okay? She says yes. Haider says Ruhaan saved us on time. Ruhaan says I beat the goons like a hero. All laugh. Gulnaz hugs him and says I was worried about you. Hina asks Dua to come and change her clothes. Gazal sees the family and gets sad. She thinks this is family where everyone cares for others. She starts to leave but Dua stops her and says I can’t let you go out at this time.

Iqbal runs and hides from the police. Iqbal says I won’t spare Haider’s family now. He asks his goon to find everything out about them.

Dua asks Gazal to stay the night and she can leave tomorrow. Haider says this is my house and I will decide who would stay here and not. Dua says but its late. Haider says you won’t take decicion about her, you were kidnapped because of her. Dua says it was not her fault, she is my friend. Haider says think before making friends, she is a cheap girl from streets and we have some standard to maintain. Hina tells Dadi that if Haider knows the secret then he wouldn’t say all that about Gazal. Haider tells Dua that because of this girl, some other man touched you and tried to harrass you. She is a cheap girl with goons behind her. I won’t allow anyone here who will bring harm to you. Dua tells Haider that I never went against you and I am requesting you to let her stay here for one night. Haider says you got kidnapped because of her, I can’t take the risk so she can’t stay here. Gulnaz thinks this girl will be useful to bring storm in this house. Haider grabs Gazal and throws her out of the house, he tells her to never enter their house again, he asks her to get lost and closes the door on her face. Dua is hurt seeing that.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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