Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider goes with Gazal instead of Dua

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 5th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua hears Haider banging from under the rubble, she tells the inspector that they are behind these stones, help them. Ruhaan and others take off the stone slabs. Dua finds Haider and Gazal lying under there in each others arms. They are unconscious. Dua screams at him to wake up, he wakes up so she hugs him and says thank you for waiting for me. Haider says I knew you would come. Dua asks Gazal to wake up. Haider asks her to get up. Dua says I broke my friendship with you because of my helplessness but don’t punish me like this, you have to wake up for our friendship. Please wake up for your dreams, you said you want to have a life partner and a family, maybe your love is around so wake up for that only. Haider shakes her and she wakes up. Ruhaan thanks God. Gazal is holding onto Haider but Dua removes her hand and says thank God you are okay. Gazal hugs her and cries. Dua consoles her and says everything is fine. Gazal says because of you only. Dua says we are friends now for life. Gazal says think about it first, I will leave your life if you want. Dua shakes her head. Haider looks on.

Rahat is angry that he can’t reach Dua or Ruhaan. Gulnaz shouts at Noor to call Ruhaan. Hina cries and says my kids are bearing for my sins, this is happening because of me only. Gulnaz shouts don’t know what sin you have done that my son is paying the price for. Hina says Dua and Haider are in trouble too, I am worried for all of them. Rahat says our kids are strong and nothing will happen to him. Hina says this is God’s justice, I took away the most special possession from a kid and now my kids will be taken away. Rahat says come to your senses, God won’t take away your kids just to punish you. Hina says if anything happens to the kids then I won’t be able to live. Hina says I have lied and cheated to everyone, I am a sinner and if they come back today then I will tell my secret to them. Rahat asks her to calm down, they will come back. Gulnaz thinks what crime has she committed?

Dua gives water to Gazal and asks if she is okay? she nods. Dua rushes to Haider and hugs him tightly. Gazal smiles at them. Ruhaan says I will tell the family that everything is okay. Dua says we should take them to the doctor. A slab falls over Ruhaan and he gets hurt. Haider and Dua rush to him. The inspector says we should leave before anyone else gets hurt. Dua tells Gazal that we will take you to the doctor and then you can come home with us. Gazal says no, I will go home. Dua says don’t be stubborn. Gazal says my house is my everything, I have to go and check my house. The inspector tells her that her area was totally destroyed. Gazal says that can’t be, its my father’s last memory, I have to go and check my house. Haider says can’t you hear them? don’t be stubborn all the time. Dua tells Gazal that you can come home with us and then you can leave later on. Gazal says that house is most important to me, I have nothing but that house. I just want to go there. Haider tells Dua that he will take Gazal to her house, you can take Ruhaan for the treatment. Dua says I can’t leave you. Haider says don’t be stubborn, just take Ruhaan and I will come home later on. Ruhaan says I am okay. Haider shouts at him to go and get treated. Haider goes to Gazal and holds her. Dua sees that. Haider asks Gazal if she is okay? She nods. Dua thanks God for saving them and thinks I feel weird to see him go today, I pray he come back to me soon. Haider leaves with Gazal.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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