Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider and Gazal share their special moments before dying

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider and Gazal are lying under the stones, he asks her to wake up. She coughs and wakes up. Haider says thank God you are okay. Gazal says I can’t believe I am dying in your arms. Haider says I am sorry for sending you here and all this happening. We have to find a way out. Gazal cries in pain. Haider says nothing will happen to you, he sees her fainting again and asks her to wake up. She doesn’t respond so he gets worried.

Dua is outside the warehouse and tells the inspector to let her go inside, if anything happens to me then its my fault, please let me check once. Dua says fine, I will let you go inside once.

Gazal wakes up, Haider asks if she is okay? She nods and says I can’t move my legs, I don’t want to live like a paralyzed person, I rather die. Haider says don’t lose hope, I won’t let anything happen to you. If anything happens to you then I will live as you sinner and says I don’t have a choice to die, I can’t leave Dua and my duty as a husband and a son. I know my family must be worried about me. Their prayers are with us. Dua will come to save me. Dua and Ruhaan enter the building. Dua screams for Haider.

Gazal tells Haider that your life is different, it must be nice to know that people are praying for you. If I die today then no one would care. Haider says you have a friend Dua who would be worried about you also. She must be looking for us. Dua is in the building and says I know they are here. Gazal tells Haider that I don’t have hope to live but maybe after dying, I will reunite with my parents. Haider says some days ago I insulted you about your upbringing, I am sorry about that, you love your father so much and I questioned your upbringing. I am sorry for that. Gazal says you can compare to parents. Why do you call your father by his name? Haider says you lost your father but he is still with you but I have a father and I never felt like his son. Gazal says I never thought you would have any insecurity. Haider says I don’t care because I have a selfless mother, she had to bear so much pain but never lost hope. If anything happens to me today.. nothing will happen to us, we have to live today. I have to live for my mother and nothing will happen to you. Dua is my heaven and she will come to save us. Haider says you remember you cursed me to lose my happiness, if I get separated from my family today then your prayers will be fulfilled. Gazal says I prayed a lot but nothing got fulfilled so curses are shallow today. I wanted a simple life but see where I am and with you. Haider says I always called you a trouble but today I put you in trouble, I am sorry. Gazal says if I die today then I won’t have anything against you. I am mad at God that I never saw my mother’s face. Haider asks what happened to her mother? how did she die? Gazal says I asked my father a lot but he never told me. He just said that my mother had to bear for someone else’s sins. I don’t know why God took away my mother and when I had only father, he took him away too. Haider says if these are our last moments then we shouldn’t be depressed. Tell me if you had any dream that you couldn’t fulfill? you can tell anything and I won’t judge you. Gazal smiles at him and says I like sweets a lot but I don’t because of being weight conscious. If these are my last moments then I want to eat 12 gulab jamon. She asks about him. Haider says I didn’t get time to have dreams but in school, I wanted to sing but I never did. Gazal says don’t torture me with your singing before dying. Haider laughs and says I won’t. He says Dua will come and save us. Gazal says you think so? Haider says Dua always surprises me, I am sure she would come and save us. He looks at her and thinks I was wrong about her, you are lonely but still fight with the world with a smile on her face. Gazal looks at him and thinks I thought he was an arrogant man but he is just a small child who cares about his parents’ love. He craves for his father’s love and finds peace with his mother and if a man like this gets married to someone then he would be the most caring and loving husband. I thought Haider was lucky to have Dua but I think Dua is lucky to have a husband like Haider. I was wrong about him. He is a talented man.

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Hina tells Dadi that Gazal keeps getting in trouble, she might become a problem for our kids.

Dua is looking around the building but can’t find them.

Dadi tells Hina that people become connected in situations like these. If Haider is with Gazal then is it related to the storm in Dua’s life? Hina gets worried.
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