Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina wants Haider to give rights to Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal apologizes to Hina and says Dua threatened to take away Haider from me if I don’t lie, I am sorry. Hina says aren’t you ashamed? you got scared of Dua and made me embarrass myself in front of the inspector. Gazal thinks to probe her wounds. She says Dua threatened to take away my husband, were you not scared when Gulnaz took away your husband? you have gone through this pain so you should understand. I don’t want to lose my family and my husband so I got scared. I am a second woman and you know Haider loves Dua more than me. That’s why I am scared that Haider will throw me out of his life. Hina holds her hand and smiles.. she says your fear is valid, she has mentally tortured you. I will punish her, you have to work with me. We have to make her pillars weak to throw her out of the house. She tells her a plan and Gazal agrees.

Haider is about to trip but someone saves her. He says Dua? he turns around to find Kaynaat there. He says Dua always saved me.. she says I feel pity for you but you are responsible for your condition. I want to empathize with you but as a woman, you make me angry. I am standing with Dua, she has loved me like a daughter and took care of everyone but she was forced to go to jail today? She leaves. Haider says she is right, this shouldn’t have happened.

Gazal tells Ijaz that we have to take care of Ruhaan before Dua can find him. Ijaz says Dua is very dangerous. Gazal asks him to find a way to finish Ruhaan. Dua and Hafeez hide. Dua asks Hafeez to go behind Ijaz but be careful, he goes from there.

Gazal comes to her room and finds Haider there. He glares at her and asks if Dua beat her up? she says yes. Haider says if Dua did that then she must have a very valid reason which I want to know. What did you do? answer me. Gazal gets scared and says I just said that I am your wife and I have some rights, she got angry and started beating me up. Haider says you did a mistake by thinking I don’t know how Dua thinks. You really think I believe that? he shouts at her how did Dua’s hand get hurt? Gazal says I am not lying. Haider says if you were not at fault then why did you save Dua from going to the jail? Gazal says Dua threatened me that you will go away from me so I got scared. Haider says you are not that innocent, you can do anything to get your conditions fulfilled so you can’t be scared of some threats. Gazal thinks I have to make him believe me. She cries and says I got scared. Yes, I crossed my limits to fulfill my conditions but your mother took away my parents, your wife took away my character and you married me but you don’t give me rights as a wife, you just need a chance to throw me out of your life, you don’t care one bit about me because you just care about Dua. Haider says its not like that. Gazal says no one sees my pain. Hina comes there and says if you care about Gazal then give her rights. You should balance between both the wives, you should fulfill all her wishes. She takes Haider from there. Gazal smirks.

Hafeez is following Ijaz in his car. Ijaz gets out of the car and goes to a den.

Hina brings Haider to the lounge and tells him that I won’t let you do injustice with Gazal. You have to give love to her like you did with Dua. She shouts for Dua. She comes there. Dadi asks what’s wrong now? Hina asks Dua to listen as I am going to take a decision today. All look on.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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