Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua tells Haider about Gazal’s feelings

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua looks around the room and Gazal is hiding under the bed but Dua leaves before seeing her.

The mehndi ceremony starts, Haider comes there and Ruhaan tries to talk to him but the music is playing so he can’t hear him. Dua comes to Haider and says I have to talk to you, he says we can do it later on, she says its important. Ruhaan doesn’t see her face and thinks Gazal is talking with Haider as Dua is wearing Gazal’s dupatta. Dua takes Haider from there.

Gazal is hiding in Dua and Haider’s room. Dua brings Haider there so she hides. Dua tells Haider that I have to tell you something. Ruhaan comes outside their room and watches from the window. She can’t see Dua’s face and thinks its Gazal with him. Gazal sees him and thinks my plan is working. Haider asks Dua what is it? Dua is crying so Haider holds her hands and Dua hugs him. Ruhaan is angry seeing all that. Gazal sees that and thinks everything is going in my favor. Haider asks Dua why is she crying? Dua says we have to stop this wedding. He says what? everything is planned, why are you saying? Dua says this marriage can’t happen. Ruhaan hears that and is fuming with anger. He recalls all Gazal and Haider’s moments, he says I was right about them, how can Haider.. he should be ashamed, he has to answer for all this. He starts going towards their room. Gazal says he can’t find out that its Dua in the room. She sees Hina coming there and goes to her, she says Ruhaan is here so call him to the ceremony. Hina says you are missing him already?

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Haider tells Dua why she wants to stop the wedding? Dua says she wants to destroy this family. Ruhaan opens the door and calls out to Haider. Dua is looking away. Hina comes there and drags Ruhaan from there. Dua tells Haider that she will talk to Haider but he stops her, he says I don’t want another drama. Dua says I am trying to save the family. She says its about our relationship also, he says you won’t talk to Ruhaan and that’s final. Hina tells Ruhaan that she will call Gazal, she goes from there. Ruhaan says she is fooling around with Haider. He angrily leaves. Hina finds Gazal and says I will take you to Ruhaan, she says I will go to him myself. Hina says I will take you to the ceremony. She goes with her. Gulnaz sees all that and says I am sure Gazal is fooling Ruhaan.

Haider stops Dua from talking to Ruhaan and says you prepred for this wedding, then why all this? Dua says I was doing drama as I couldn’t tell you the truth about Gazal. Haider says what truth? Dua says Gazal wants to marry you and not Ruhaan. Haider is shocked. She says Gazal loves you, she never liked Ruhaan and just using him. Haider asks her to shut up. Dua says you don’t know but she fell in love with you when you saved her life. Haider recalls all the moments Gazal showed affection to her. Dua says I am telling the truth, trust me.

Hina brings Gazal to the ceremony, she thinks I wanted Dua to tell Haider about my want, this is my plan.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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