Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st January 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal tries to use Haider for her benefit

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 31st January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider asks Gazal why she doesn’t want to marry? Gazal says because I love you.. it turns out to be her dream. She says I don’t want to. Haider says what’s wrong with you? why did you not talk to Dua and Hina? you shouldn’t be talking to me here. Gazal says I can’t say no to them, I respect them a lot that’s why I came here to share my feelings with you. She holds his hand and says please save me. Haider says I know you are stressed but we are thinking about your good, Altaf is a nice guy and I have checked his background too, he is hardworking but if you don’t like him then say no, we will find another one, we just want you to be happy or is it that you already like someone? Gazal sadly looks at him and says no. Haider says trust Dua, she always think better for others. Gazal says you understand me, if you see closely then you will know what I want. She looks away and says I am scared.

Altaf’s family is meeting Hina and the family. Altaf’s mother says we trust Dua and if she has chosen Gazal for Altaf then we are okay, Dua also said that Gazal is broad-minded which we like. Where is Gazal? Hina is scared and says I will go and check on her.

Dadi tells Dua that this Gazal is ready to get us insulted, she is nowhere to be found. Dua says I think we should tells the truth to Altaf’s family. Hina comes there and says no, people will think that Gazal ran away from the house. Dua says don’t worry, Altaf’s mother will understand. Dadi asks her to go and tell them, this Gazal is useless.

Altaf’s mother asks Rahat if there is something wrong? Dua comes there with Dadi and Hina. She asks where is Gazal? Dua is about to confess when Haider comes there with Gazal and says she is here. All look on. Dadi whispers to Dua what is Gazal doing with Haider? He tells everyone that she is here. He asks her to sit down. Gazal sits down besides Altaf. His mother says you made us wait. She asks Gazal to tell them about herself. Gazal starts talking to them. Haider whispers to Dua that she was scared that’s why she came to the office. Dua says she could have talked to me then. Haider says yes but after the earthquake incident, she thinks I can understand her feelings better because we shared some things. Dua is angry hearing that. Haider tells Altaf’s mother that we should let them spend some time together. Dadi says you never talked to Dua before marriage. Once they get married then they can talk. Altaf says Haider is right, we have to spend life together so we should get to know each other. He asks for Gazal’s permission and takes her from there. Gazal stares at Haider, he nods at her so she leaves. Dua notices that. Dua whispers to Dadi that I feel Gazal doesn’t have good intentions. Dadi says I will not make her stop this wedding. Dua says I am feeling bad about her, like she is up to something.

Altaf talks with Gazal, she asks if he had any girlfriend or you are getting a girl because of his family only? He says what? Gazal asks if he knows anything about romance and touching a girl? Altaf says I never had the chance to. Gazal says I am modern and I don’t like shy guys, come closer. Altaf feels awkward. Gazal says you are a nice guy but I don’t think you never had an affair? he says I never had one. Gazal asks if he never had any crush or any girl in his life? Altaf says not at all, I am not lying, I had no girlfriend. Gazal says maybe you don’t like girls? he says what? Gazal says I am open-minded so you can tell me. Altaf gets angry and says there is nothing like that. Gazal comes closer and says then prove it, kiss me. He is shocked.

Haider keeps looking at his watch and is stressed. He leaves from there. Dua sees all that.

Gazal tells Altaf that I wouldn’t leave this chance if I was you. Altaf says you are challenging me? Gazal says we are going to get married so what’s wrong in this? Altaf nods and comes closer. He is about to kiss her. Gazal is waiting for Haider, she sees Haider coming and grabs Altaf. She acts like he is molesting her and screams to leave her. Haider shouts Altaf..

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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