Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua plans to tell everything to Haider

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ruhaan sees Gazal hugging Haider and angrily leaves. Gazal smirks and recalls how she asked Haider to bring a watch for Ruhaan as she wants to gift him. Haider leaves from there.

Dua tells Gulnaz that I will tell everything to Haider, this is about our relationship now, I have to end this wedding even if I have to expose Hina’s secret, no secret is bigger than this family. Gulnaz tries to stop her but Dua leaves.

Gazal comes to her mehndi ceremony. Gulnaz, Kaynaat and Ravi come there. Gulnaz says I hope Dua can convince Haider.

Ruhaan is sitting alone in his room and recalls all Haider and Gazal’s moments together. He screams in anger and says Haider loves Dua so he can never do this but what I saw.. I should talk with Haider and clarify.

Dua is looking around for Haider. Ruhaan is searching for him too, he asks Hina if she saw Haider? she says no. He goes to find him. Dua comes there and asks for Haider but no one has seen him. Dua says where did he go? Gazal sees her talking with Gulnaz and thinks its time to play my last game. She goes to Hina and says no one is paying attention to my ceremony, you should ask Dua to change clothes and become part of the ceremony. Hina asks Dua to go and get ready. Dua nods and leaves. Ruhaan comes there so Hina asks him to go and get ready. Ruhaan says I am looking for Haider, Hina asks him to go and just get ready. Gazal thinks I have to stop them from telling anything to Haider. She goes from there.

Dua is looking around for Haider but Hina comes there and says you have to get ready for the ceremony. Dua thinks I have to tell Haider everything, she leaves from there.

Ruhaan is looking for Haider, Noor comes there and says he is back but I don’t know where he is.

Dua says I have to inform Haider what is going to happen. she goes to her room and takes her clothes to change. Gazal comes outside her room and looks at her dupatta. She says this dupatta will help me today.

Haider comes home and tells Rahat that I have finalized the catering. Noor says Ruhaan and Dua are looking for you. Haider says I will go and check on them. Rahat asks him to go to his wife first, he says sure and leaves.

Gazal opens Dua’s bathroom window and sees her getting ready. She finds her clothes hanging there and the color is same as her dupatta. She puts her dupatta on a stick and hangs it with Dua’s clothes. She tries to take Dua’s dupatta away. She pulls it and takes it out.

Ravi comes to Haider and says Dua is looking for you, he says I am going to her.

Dua comes back to the bathroom and finds her dupatta hanging, she takes it and leaves. Gazal thinks Dua will remember this dupatta and today our lives are going to change, I will get her happiness, I have right on Haider, he is mine and I will snatch him from Dua.

Dua gets ready, Haider comes outside the room and knocks on the door. Gazal is inside the room too. Dua is in the washroom and says I am coming out. Gazal is scared and thinks I can’t go anywhere. Dua is about to enter the room where Gazal is. Dua comes out but doesn’t find Gazal there. Dua says how did this door get locked. She opens it and Haider says you were looking for me? Haider says we can talk later on, Dua says we have to talk. Haider says I have to check on the decorations, he leaves. Dua tries to leave but hears some noise. Gazal is hiding under the bed. Dua looks around.

Ruhaan asks Noor where is Haider? she says he is in his room, Ruhaan leaves from there.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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