Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider takes Dua’s side

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 30th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina says to Ghazal Haider has said the firs time that he will punish Dua. Make it so bad that he kicks her out of this house. Gulnaaz comes and says you are ruining your own DIL’s life. Hina says don’t give me lectures. Gulnaaz says you have lost your mind. Hina throws a slipper at her but it breaks a show piece. Gulnaaz says you will do your own desturction if yyou stay on her side. Hina hits her again with slipper. Gulnaaz says I can also take out my slipper. Hina says you first ruined my life. And now you’re helping enemies. She says I am sure you have some benefits. Gulnaaz says what about you? They both fight. Ruhaan comes to calm them down. Ghazal sees the gun and alerts hims. He hides it.

Dua cries with her mom. She says my marraige will be over. Her mom says you didn’t do anything wrong. You did everything for them but you got nothing in return. If Haider can’t give you your due credit he isn’t a good husband. You’re so talented. You are fighting for your right for other women. People should give your exmaples. Women are made to stand next to men not walk after them. She says Haider isn’t liek other husbands. He’s not like other men. Ghazal took advantage of that. He’s a good husband. Dua hears Haider’s voice.

Dua comes downstairs. She says why is it so dark? Haider where are you? Everyone comes there. Haider comes there. Dua asks what is all this and why is it dark? He says because you kept us all in dark. It will brighten up today. Dua asks what does he mean. He stops Dua. Hina says your game is over Dua. Haider recognized your reality. Gulnaaz says what if it’s something else. Hina says no Haider will show Dua her place today. Hina says to Haider this girl will keep darkness in your life. I am glad she’s exposed in front of you. She tried to rob your years of hardwork. Haider says but Dua hasn’t snatched anything from me. She’s not ruined our business. She’s rather saved our business by submitting her designs into fashion week. Hina says I am shocked. This girl has lied to you and you’re taking her side. He says that’s the truth. If Dua gave her name in the presentation, it’s her right. She made those presentation. It came to our house. Doesn’t matter whose names are those. it’s not betrayal. Everyone is so happy. She brough us success. Everyone is happy. You should be happy an proud of your DIL. It’s win of this whole family. Wives get happy for their husbands. Can’t a husband be proud of his wife’s success? The name changed but intentions and business didn’t. I am proud that I am Dua’s husband.

Hina says come back to your senses. Can’t you see her reality? She crossed us. Haider says she deserves all the praise. She says people will forget your name. They will only remember Dua Designs. Your identity is under threat. Haider says the society that can’t see a woman succeeding is under threat. Why would anything go wrong. I will be called a talented and succesful woman’s wife and I will feel proud about that. Why can’t I be known my my wife’s name. Women and men aren’t equal. Women are more talented. More strong. They defy all odds and become successful like my mom. You want me to not celebrate it and take her right? I am not one on them. She’s chosen because of her talent. I am happier than her. I am proud that my wife is more talented than me.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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