Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider gets ready to marry Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider rushes to the jungle and screams for Gazal. He comes to the graveyard and looks around. Gazal is getting buried under a grave. Haider can’t find her and says I am sorry Gazal.. I won’t be able to forgive myself for what my family did with her. He finds a grave which has a sand sack above it. He finds Gazal’s parents graves around it. He starts digging in the grave and finds a shovel. He says I won’t let you die on behalf of my family. He finds Gazal’s dupatta and digs some more. He finds Gazal in the grave.

Ijaz comes to Dua’s room and finds her unconscious, he takes out his knife. He is about to kill her but Gulnaz comes there and stops him. She pushes him away from Dua and shouts how dare you? she slaps him and says how dare you try to kill Dua? Ijaz pushes her away and shows her the knife, he says you slapped me? I won’t spare you, he attacks her but Gulnaz moves away. She asks who are you? Ijaz says I will kill you today. Gulnaz says if I die and you kill Dua then Haider won’t sapre you and Gazal. Ijaz thinks about it but Gulnaz snatches the knife from him, she says what were you saying? she asks him to get lost. Ijaz runs away. Gulnaz sits in front of Dua and recalls Dua telling that she can do anything for her family. She cries and kisses her forehead. She says I am sorry, I did so much wrong with you, please forgive me. I curse people who have hurt you.

Rahat brings food for Hina and asks her to eat something. She says I am hurt. Rahat says don’t think about Dua’s words. Hina says I feel like something wrong is going to happen. What if Dua takes away Haider from me.

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Haider brings Gazal out of the grave and she is not breathing. Haider picks up Gazal and asks her to wake up, he cries and says I have to repent for my mother’s sins. I am ready to marry you so just wake up. Gazal coughs and wakes up. She is surprised to see him and says I knew you would come back. Haider says you are going to be fine, I will fulfill my promise. Gazal says you will marry me right? you will save my life right? Haider thinks about it.. otherside Dua is praying for Haider. Haider tells Gazal that he will marry her. I promise on God that I will marry you. Gazal hugs him. Haider apologizes to Dua. Gazal thinks my life is starting today and Dua has lost everything to me now.

Dadi is crying and trying to talk. She says I have to do something. She rushes to the door and tries to open it. She tries to call out to someone but faints again.

Haider gets ready as the groom, he sadly looks at himself and recalls his moments with Dua. He tries to leave but Gazal stops him, she says I am lucky that you agreed to marry me. She makes him ready. Gazal asks if he is happy with this marriage? Haider silently nods and looks away. He thinks this is not a relationship but a compromise, I am doing this to pay for Dua’s sins, Gazal might get my body but my heart will be with Dua only, she has right on my life only.

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Dua wakes up and finds herself locked in the room, she cries for someone to open the door. She says I will die but won’t let Gazal take away my Haider.

Precap: Gazal enters home and says to Dua congratulate me for my marriage. Dua removes sehra and finds Haider, she says what you did Haider. Everyone is in shock after seeing Haider.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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