Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd March 2023 Written Episode Update

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina tells Dua to apologize to Gazal but Haider says she doesn’t need to. Hina says its Dua who has been blaming Gazal for no reason so she should be the one to apologize and he doesn’t need to defend his wife even when she is wrong. She pleads with Gazal to not leave. Ruhaan says Hina is right, Dua needs to apologize to Gazal. Hina starts getting dizzy so Haider rushes to her. Kaynaat tells everyone that Dua just cares for the family and Gazal should be blamed for all this. Hina asks her to keep her mouth shut if she can’t care about her mother’s health. Hina tells Dua to apologize and end this matter. Dua is reluctant but folds her hands in front of Gazal, she says please forgive me. Gazal smirks but says you don’t need to do this, I can’t see you like this. Its okay since you have accepted your mistake, she says I am ready to forget everything and forgive her. She hugs her and whispers that you just lost to me. Hina says thank God everything is okay now. She hugs Gazal and thanks her for staying back. Gulnaz says Gazal and Ruhaan should get married as soon as possible so that they can avoid all this drama. Hina says Gazal will have the same reputation and status as Dua in the house. She says I agree that the marriage should happen asap. Gulnaz hugs her and Gazal-Ruhaan. She whispers to Gazal that I can’t praise your mind enough. Gazal thanks her for taking her side as always. Gazal asks Dua if she won’t congratulate her? She says you are my best friend and I am pleading with you to forget everything. She hugs her and whispers that soon I will snatch Haider from you by using Ruhaan. Dua is hurt hearing that. Gulnaz thanks Gazal for staying back and not leaving her son. She says I can do anything for my son. Dua thinks how can she do this with her own son? She wipes her tears silently but Haider notices it. Hina blesses Gazal and Ruhaan as a couple. Gazal says I will never disappoint you Ammi as your daughter in law. I will bring happiness in this house. Hina smiles and says I know you will. Gazal thinks soon I will destroy this family. Hina asks Haider to forget everything and reconcile with Ruhaan. Ruhaan and Haider hug each other.

Scene 2
At the night time, Haider comes to Dua and sees her sadly sitting. He says I am begging you to stop this fight. He says Dadi and Hina are suffering because Dua can’t let go of her battle. He says you have made things worse even if your intentions were in favor of this family. Dua says you don’t understand, it will get worse if I remain silent. Haider says I can’t hear all this, I don’t know why you can’t stop fighting for no reason. Dua says I can’t run away from my duties, she says my duty is to protect this family from evil eyes and that’s Gazal. Haider asks her to stop it.. he says enough pointing fingers at Gazal. He says I don’t care if its the truth or not as its breaking his family apart. He asks Dua to promise that she won’t interfere in Gazal and Ruhaan’s wedding. Dua says I can’t promise that. Haider says you have no proof against Gazal till now. Dua says do you want me to silent when I know she wants to destroy this family? She says I can’t let Gazal

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