Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua wants to shift in Hina’s room

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina taunts Gulnaz and says only Gazal will stay in Haider’s room. Kaynaat asks her to come back to her senses. Hina asks her to shut up. Dua starts leaving but Haider goes behind her. Dua comes to her room and starts packing. Haider tries to stop her and says please forget all this. Dua says how can I forget that my Haider was disloyal, how can I forget all the promises you broke? All family members come too. Dua shouts how can I forget this reality now? let me go. Haider says you are not going anywhere. Gazal thinks she has to go. Dua tries to leave but Haider grabs her hand. He says you are leaving? please don’t go. All look on. Dua pushes his hand away and says its better if I leave, this room reminds me of your fake promises, memories of you being disloyal, this room tells me that you are not mine anymore so why should I stay here? She starts leaving from the room and Gazal enters it. Haider shouts for Dua but she leaves. Hina tries to talk to Haider and says God is with you, you are doing the right thing. She tells Gazal that she can stay in the room, its her room now. Gazal smirks and says Ammi gave me my right, thank you for being my mother. Hina hugs her and says no one can do injustice with you like it happened with me. Gulnaz says you are forcing this girl on Haider, why can’t you see your son’s pain? Hina asks her to shut up. Gulnaz says you shut up, don’t forget that I made you cry for years. Gazal tells Gulnaz that don’t forget she has kids too. Gulnaz gets scared and goes from there. Haider tells Hina that you like fighting for others’ rights but remember that you might have taken this room from Dua but you can’t snatch Dua from me. I am Dua and will always be hers. She might have left the room but if she leaves the house then you both won’t live in peace. He goes from there.

Ijaz goes to the den where Ruhaan is captured. Hafeez hides and enters the den. He is shocked to see a beaten up Ruhaan. Ijaz calls his goons and says why did you beat him so much? Hafeez thinks to call Dua but she is not picking up. He messages her that Ruhaan is in bad condition.

Dadi asks Dua why is she sacrificing for Gazal? All come there. Dua says I didn’t sacrifice, I gave charity to Gazal. That room means nothing to me anymore, she can stay there. Dadi says you will live in my room now. Gulnaz says you can stay with me. Noor and Kaynaat offer her too. Dua smiles and says I don’t want to bother you people. Hina is already blaming me for breaking the family. She tells Hina that you must be angry that you lost even after winning. Hina says you are shameless so you can stay in the guest room as you are not part of the family anymore. Dua smirks and says I have already decide where I will live. She takes her luggage and goes towards Hina’s room. All are shocked.

Ijaz tells the goons that we don’t have much time, we have to finish him fast. Hafeez is calling Dua but she is not picking up.

Dua goes to Hina’s room and starts throwing her stuff out. Hina says what are you doing? Hina says this is my room. Dua says this is the room of the woman who was left by her husband. So its fitting that I should stay with you now. Our fates might be same but end won’t be same, Rahat left after slapping you. He slapped you twice so you should be thankful that I am ready to stay with you. Gazal says you can’t talk to her like this. Dua shouts at her to shut up or she wants to be slapped again? she asks her to stay out of it. She tells Gazal that you will stay in this room too when Haider brings his 3rd wife. You will be in the same condition now.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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