Rabb Se Hai Dua 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal challenges Dua with her magic trick

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 29th June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ruhaan asks Gazal why didn’t she tell the truth to everyone? Gazal says no one would believe me, Dua would throw dirt at me and Haider would believe her only. She keeps insulting me daily, you should stay away from me as I don’t want anyone to know about our relationship. Ruhaan says I can’t pass my day without seeing you, he hugs her. Gazal is miffed. Gazal pushes him away, Ruhaan says why do you act like I am a stranger? Gazal says I am your brother’s wife and I don’t want anyone to doubt us. Ruhaan says don’t worry, I just don’t understand how Gulnaz went against you? Gazal says its all a money game, Dua and Haider blinded her too. Ruhaan says I will destroy their lives. Gazal says Dua is our enemy, she blinded Haider because of her greed so focus on her.

Gulnaz tells Dua that why would Ruhaan not expose Gazal? Dua says what if he is still trapped in her love? Dadi says I am sure Gazal did something with him. Dua says I did everything, I went to get Ruhaan.. you all came to save us and there was no Gazal in all this. Someone tried to attack me as well, I feel like something is fishy.

Hina comes to Gazal’s room so Ruhaan hides. Hina brings soup for Gazal and says this will give you some peace, she thanks her. Ruhaan is hiding behind the curtain and finds a lizard there, he gets scared and tries to shoo it away. Gazal is scared that Hina might catch him. She says can you please take me out of the room, I need to do household work. Hina says you need to rest. Gazal says just take me out, I need to serve my family. Hina takes her from there.

Hina brings Gazal to the lounge. Dua glares at them. Dua whispers to Gulnaz and Dadi that she has an idea. She tells them that. Gulnaz sees Hina and Gazal coming there. Gazal holds a stick to walk. Gulnaz says the stick suits her. Dadi says she would break the stick when she becomes fine, she is so disloyal. Gulnaz says she wanted to spend night with Haider and now she would spend nights with a broken back. Gazal is angry and keeps looking towards her room. Dadi says she wanted to reach for stars so its good that her back broke down. Hina says stop it, she wants to work for you all and you are insulting her? you people have no humanity left. We are lucky to have a daughter in law like Gazal, she is in pain but still wants to cook for everyone. Dua says she couldn’t cook when she was fine and now she is going to cook with a broken back? don’t joke this much. Dadi says she doesn’t even know the difference between oil and kerosene. Dua says lets see who will provide food to us. Hina must try to cook again but she should use the kitchen stove now. Gazal says neither me nor Hina would cook today. Dua says so the food will come with magic? Dua says you can’t be a good daughter in law. Gazal says if cooking is the criteria for being a good woman then the servants would be the best daughter in laws. I am not that woman who thinks the skills are just bound to kitchen. I am a queen of this house and I can rule this house. I will show you how. She counts from 5…4..2..1 and all turn to see Momo and other servants coming there. There is a line of servants at the gate. Gazal tells Dua that this is my magic.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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