Rabb Se Hai Dua 29th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider asks Dua for permission

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 29th April 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina says you will bring my sautan? That’s a sin. Haider says we’ve to save her life. Giving someone support is a good deed not a sin. This is God’s decision. she says it’s a man’s selfishness. I don’t agree with him. He says you’re conflicting with God? Dua says no I am questioning men who use this permission for their pleasure. Haider says you think I am marrying her for pleasure? She says you’re being fooled. She’s making you do this. She wants to punish mom and I. You are educated and you know in what situation second wives are allowed. It was allowed in battles when women were left alone. Today woman isn’t alone, she can stay alone, she can lead her own life. Then this is a misuse of this permission.

Hina says she’s turned my son against me. She’s so ill-mannered. Haider is already mad at me. What if he leaves me? Rahat says nothing will happen. Hina says Dua will shatter this house. Haider says I’ve promised Gazal. Whatever happened with her was wrong. Hina says what about my tears and the promises you made to me? How can you do the same sin your own dad did? He was unfair to your mom and now you want to do the same to me. Haider says I am not doing this for love or pleasure. My hands are tied. Marrying her is our payback to her pain. You will only be my love and wife. She says but you wont’ be my husband. Gazal is fooling and controlling you. I love that’s why I am explaining you all this. Everything would be over. She is forgetting that this fire will burn her life as well. Haider looks at the time and says what if she kills herself. Please understand. Dua says what should I understand? Yyou asked for my everything. If you want, go and marry her. If you marry her our relationship will be dead, Haider says how can ou even think that? Dua says I can’t share my partner. Haider says this is all to handle the situation. Dua says suicide is a crime. Take her to jail, don’t marry her instead. Dua leaves. Haider recalls what Gazal said. Dua cries outside. She thinks about what Hadier said. Dua cries and says please save my life God. Please save my marriage.

Dua comes to dadi and says my nightmare came true. Haider is asking for permission of second nikkah. She succeeded today. Dadi recalls she made Gazal’s video. Dadi says in heart I wish I can get up and save Dua. Dua says Haider isn’t at fault. Gazal did all this. He thinks he’s responsible for what happened to her but our family never did that sin. Haider is so torn. Please get up dadi ammi. You’ve to save me. Please save my marriage and this family. I am in this house because of Haider only. I will have nowhere to go if Haider leaves me. Please save me. Gazal has already broken this house. Dadi recalls everything and tries to get up. Dua says please try dadi ammi. Dadi says Dua’s name. Dua says well done. Please try more. Dadi tries to speak.

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Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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