Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Gulnaz fails Gazal’s plan

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
The haldi ceremony starts, all are enjoying and dancing. Hina says lets start the rituals. Gazal looks at the haldi and recalls how she had mixed powder in it. Hina applies haldi to her face and Gazal screams in pain, all look on. Hina asks what happened? Gazal says my face is burning. Hina says kids these days don’t like organic things, she tries to apply more but Gazal pushes her away. All are shocked. Gazal says there is something mixed in haldi, I think there are glass pieces in it, I can’t apply it to my face, this is a plan to destroy my face. Hina says who would do that? Dua prepared this haldi. Gazal says it means she prepared glass pieces in haldi? Dua is shocked. Haider asks Gazal to blame her for no reason. Dua asks him to calm down, she says I have accepted Gazal but she still doubts me so I will clarify it. She takes haldi and applies it on her face while all look on. Dua says if there were glass pieces in it then my face would have cut but I am totally okay. Gazal is confused and thinks I mixed it myself then how did this happen? Dua says you still don’t believe me? she applies haldi to Haider and asks if he felt any pieces? he says not at all. Dua tells Gazal that she should clear her thoughts and don’t have doubts about her. Gulnaz smirks and applies haldi to herself, she says this is totally okay and didn’t hurt me at all. She smirks at Dua. The flashback shows how Gulnaz saw Gazal putting glass pieces in the haldi, she left so Gulnaz came there and changed it with clean haldi to win Dua’s trust, the flashback ends. Gulnaz smirks and nods at Dua. Gazal notices that and thinks this fool failed my plan, I won’t spare her. Dua silently thanks Gulnaz. Haider tells Gazal that you shouldn’t have blamed Dua for no reason and in front of everyone. Hina says he is right, she asks Gazal to apologize to Dua. Rahat says you should apologize. Gazal is angry but apologizes to Dua. Dua says its okay, its your big day, she hugs her and whispers that Haider is happy with me so stop dreaming about him. All guests tease Dua and Haider for applying haldi to each other. Hina says their love will increase like this, Gazal is making them grow their love. Gazal is angry hearing that. Dua thinks I don’t want Ruhaan to do this wedding, how should I save him? she goes to bring more haldi. Gazal thinks this is my chance to apply haldi to Haider. She gets up and falls down down in Haider’s arms. They both fall down together and Gazal puts her hands on his cheek, she applies haldi to him. Haider gets up and asks if she is okay? The guest says Gazal applied haldi to Haider so will their love grow now? all are shocked. Ruhaan is angry hearing that. The guest says Haider has love of Dua and Gazal both. Hina asks them to stop teasing, lets start the ceremony. Dua is angry that Gazal applied haldi to Haider. The family applies haldi to Gazal and Ruhaan. Gulnaz goes to Ruhaan but he moves away from her. Gazal says please apply haldi to me? Gulnaz tries to leave but Rahat stops her so she applies haldi to Gazal. Gazal whispers to her that you are going against me? once I get married then I will get you thrown out of the house. Dua goes to Gazal so she whispers to her that I applied haldi to him and soon I will get married to him. Haider is next, he applies haldi to Ruhaan but he is angry to see Haider applying haldi to Gazal. Ruhaan says I am tired and leaves from there. All look on.

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Kaynaat tells Dua that we have to stop the marriage soon. Dua says we can’t do much, only Ruhaan can do something now.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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