Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua exposes Gazal’s trick on Haider

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua tells the family that Gazal tried to take advantage of Haider by giving him sleeping pills, all are shocked. Gulnaz says she is so shameless. Dadi says she is characterless, we should throw her out. Dua says we should call the police on her because of her crimes. Gazal says she is lying, I didn’t do anything. Dua says I will prove my truth. She asks Haider to remember what happened with him last night, you were not in your senses but you were awake. Haider says I went to take my mattress from the room but then I got dizzy.. then.. I was here.. Gazal is scared that he will remember things. Haider says I don’t remember anything. Dua says please try to remember. Hina says enough, if nothing happened with him then stop making him lie, you have crossed all limits. Gazal is Haider’s wife, they don’t need to discuss what they do in their room. Dua says not by forcing Haider. Haider tries recalling what happened.. he says Dua is right. I remember that I was dizzy, why was I dizzy last night? He asks Gazal what she did with him? what happened with him yesterday? Dua says Haider was dizzy because she gave him sleeping pills. Gazal says I didn’t do anything like that. Hina gave milk to Haider. Dua says so it means the pills were in the milk? then he got inebriated and now you are blaming Hina? She asks Hina if she mixed the sleeping pills in the milk? Hina looks at Gazal and recalls how she took the milk from Gazal. Dua asks Hina to open her eyes, she might her son if you keep believing her. Gazal says she is lying, I didn’t do anything. Haider says enough.. I did so much for you and if you try to do this again then I will forget my promise. I am sad that my own mother is taking your side. He starts to leave but Dua says Ruhaan should tell where he was for many days. She asks who was keeping you away from this house? tell the truth and save this house. Gazal is scared. Gulnaz says tell everyone who tortured you. Dadi says expose our enemies. Ruhaan recalls everything and then how Dua came to kill him. How Gazal said to wait for the right time. He says I shouldn’t have left the house, I did wrong for leaving Gazal at the alter, I destroyed her life but it was Haider’s fault. Dua is confused. Ruhaan tells Haider that its not his mistake as the situation was tough, I was a fool to leave Gazal, I am responsible for leaving the house. I apologize for that. All are shocked. Haider hugs him. Ruhaan says please forgive me for this mistake. Gazal smirks and thinks this is in my favor. Haider consoles Ruhaan and says its okay, you are my brother. Ruhaan leaves from there. Dua goes behind him. Gazal tries to stop Haider and says I didn’t do anything, he angrily leaves. Hina glares at Gazal and says you have got me insulted, how dare you give sleeping pills to Haider? Gazal says he doesn’t let me close to him, I was dying for his love, if you think I did wrong then its okay, I have no one here. You miss Rahat right? I miss his love too, I just hate in this house and was worried that they would take away Haider from me, please forgive me. Hina says don’t cry, don’t try to do this again.

Gulnaz asks Ruhaan why didn’t he tell the truth? He says I don’t want to talk about it, I did wrong by leaving Gazal. Gulnaz says she did some magic on him, she brings smoke and says that villain has trapped you. Ruhaan coughs and say stop it. She didn’t do anything, I don’t care about her, she is dead to me and I want to move on my life. He leaves. Dua is confused and thinks why is Ruhaan protecting Gazal? Something is wrong.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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