Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider stops Gazal from leaving the house

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider tells Dua that you wanted Gazal to stay here then what has changed suddenly? if Gazal leaves now then anything can happen to her, she is our duty for now so she has to stay here, okay? Dua recalls Dadi telling her that Gazal’s intentions are not good. She nods so Haider kisses her forehead and leaves. Dua thinks I have to find a way to throw Gazal out of the house without hurting Hina.

Ruhaan is trying to stop Gazal but she says I am leaving. Dua comes there and says no one is going anywhere. Gazal acts and says I can’t stay here, I was insulted so much here so I can’t stay here anymore. I have to go. Haider comes there and says you are not going anywhere. Dua and I have taken that decision, Dua nods. Gazal says please let me go. Dua says if she doesn’t want to stay then we shouldn’t pressurize her. Gulnaz comes there and says she is going through a tough time. Haider tells Dua that think about Hina, and where will she go? she doesn’t have a house to go to. He asks Gazal to shut up and go to her room. He takes her luggage so Gazal smirks and goes behind him while Dua looks on. Gazal thinks I have made place in the house and now I have to make place in Haider’s life. Dua thinks I feel bad about her, she is not a good person for this house.

Gazal is sitting in her room and recalls Haider taking a stand for her and telling her to stay in the house. She sings aaj mein upar. Ruhaan comes there so she acts like sobbing silently. He says I know you are going through a lot but please don’t cry, he wipes her tears. Gazal says this is my fate, you have a family but no one is there for me. Ruhaan says I want to do something which will make you stay in this house forever. Gazal thinks he is dreaming again, he is useless. Ruhaan says if you agree then we can get married, then no one will be able to throw you out of the house. Gazal thinks I can’t bear this fool anymore. She stops him and says it doesn’t matter, I can’t dream so please leave me alone. Ruhaan says I can’t leave you. Gazal says your family doesn’t like me so just leave me alone. She throws him out of the room. He thinks only one person can help me now. He leaves. Gazal sighs.

Dadi tells Hina that everyone is blinded by that Gazal and no one cares about my words anymore. You are loving that Gazal more than your own kids? why did you stop her? Hina says trust me, I am just repenting for my mistakes, she lost her mother because me but she still forgave me, she is like my daughter so I have to take care of her. Dadi shouts that Gazal is poisonous.

Gulnaz is dancing in Gazal’s room on laila song. She makes her dance too but Gazal stops her and asks her to shut it. Gulnaz says aren’t you happy? Gazal says we haven’t won yet, lets see what we have to do now. She makes a scorecard against Dua and says I have already won against her 3 times, she couldn’t throw me out, Haider scolded her and he stopped me also. This is just a start so lets dance after a month when Haider will get married to me. Gulnaz says really? Gazal says I promise, we just have to be careful of Dua and Dadi. Gulnaz says I am with you.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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