Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th April 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua doesn’t allow Haider to marry Gazal

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th April 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Haider asks Dua to allow him to marry Gazal, I have to pay for the sins like this. Dua is shocked and says I can’t allow that.. she faints in front of him and Haider rushes to her. Dua wakes up and tries to move away. Haider says this is the only way, please understand. Dua cries and looks away, she recalls Gazal’s words that she will snatch Haider from her at all costs. Haider asks her to drink water but she throws it away. He asks if she is okay? Dua doesn’t answer him. He tries calling for help and goes out of the room. Hina comes to him and says please give me a chance to explain. Haider says Dua is not well, please call a doctor. Hina looks away and says I won’t do anything for her, I have broken all relationships with her. Haider says what are you saying? she always took your side and you are doing this? He calls Kaynaat and Ravi, he asks them to call a doctor. Dua comes there and says I don’t need a doctor, I need my husband. Haider asks if she is okay? Dua says come with me. Hina says take my son away, you already exposed my secret to him and took away my dignity. Haider says it was not Dua but.. Hina says stop defending her. Dua tells Hina to stop it, please leave me alone. This was my heaven but now this house feels like a hell, I am burning in hell and my own person has started this fire, I am going through a very difficult time so please don’t spit venom against me otherwise I might end up saying something in anger and won’t be able to forgive myself for it. Hina says stop your drama, you are threatening me? you already told my secret to Haider. Dua says I wish I had told him that, I wish I was selfish and told him that secret right in time then I would have saved my marriage, I broke my marriage because of you and you.. you are so thankless. Hina says how dare you argue with me? she tells Haider to stop his wife, tell her to stop it. Dua asks Haider to come with her, she drags him from there and goes in the room. Ravi tells Kaynaat that something has broken Dua.

Dua asks Haider if he has really decided to do another marriage? He looks away. Dua says look at me and promise on my love if you have decided to share your love with someone else? have you really decided to bring another wife when I am here? Haider nods and looks away. Dua brings religious Quran and asks him to promise on it that he has decided to marry again with clear head? Haider can’t do that. Dua says you are scared? I am not just your wife but your life, I know how you think and if you had this thought in your mind then I would have known, I would have allowed you and left this house already and ended our relationship. If you had asked me to marry again then I would have asked for a divorce. Haider tries to stop her but she says no.. you know a woman can take a divorce from her husband but I didn’t do that because I know you never had a thought to remarry.. it was Gazal who has put this thought in your mind. She is pretending like we have done wrong against her. Haider says we did a sin against her and I have to pay the price. I have to pay the price of my mother’s sin. Dua says it was just a mistake and she is repenting for it, she gave a good life to Gazal. Haider says we took away her parents, we took away her love/Ruhaan, her wounds are so deep that only this marriage can save her life and heal her. Dua says you want to destroy my house to build her life? I will find a good person for her. I told you that she wants to marry you, she always had eyes on you, she came to take revenge on the family, she is taking advantage of your good heart.

Gazal calls Gulnaz and says Dua would never allow Haider to marry me but you have to stop Haider from thinking that I am in the wrong. Gulnaz asks how? Gazal says you have to give something to him and then he would come running to me, if he doesn’t then you will find your son’s deadbody. Gulnaz says please don’t do that.

Haider tells Dua that you might marry Gazal somewhere else but what about her honor? Ruhaan took away her respect, she will get that back only if she is married in this house, we have to do this to save her life. Dua says what about my life? you want to save that shameless woman’s life and make my life a living hell? You will bring another wife? its a sin. Haider says I am saving someone’s life, Ruhaan left her so I have to save her, God wants that. Dua says God doesn’t want that, its your wish but I don’t accept this. Haider looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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