Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal thinks she is engaged to Haider

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th March 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua thinks about what Gazal is up to? she recalls about Hina’s words to bring Gazal to the venue with Haider. Dua recalls everything and says she is going to fool Haider into making her wear the ring.

Haider talks with Gazal and asks where is Ruhaan? she says he must be getting ready. Gazal acts like she is getting pained because of her wound and says I am hurt. Haider says I will tie your bandage. Haider starts putting bandage on her finger, Gazal thinks I wanted this only. Dua comes there and sees that. Ruhaan comes there and glares at them. Dua stops Haider and says what did you do? Haider says I just tied her bandage. He asks Ruhaan to come to them but he goes away. Haider says I will go and check on him. He leaves. Gazal tells Dua that see I got engaged to Haider in front of you. Dua laughs at her and says he just showed you pity and you think you got engaged to him? you are a fool. Gazal says you can laugh all you want but he will marry me soon. Dua says you are dreaming now, Haider is mine and will always be mine. I am his wife and will always be. Gazal says look at me and you will see fire in my eyes which will burn your relationship. Haider’s bandage is my connection with him now, this finger goes to the heart and now our hearts are connected.

Haider comes to Ruhaan and asks him to come for his haldi ceremony but he doesn’t move. Haider asks if there is anything wrong? Ruhaan recalls everything. Haider says why do you look stressed? did someone say anything? you can tell me. Ruhaan says I want to ask you something but I don’t know how to ask. Haider says we are siblings, you can ask anything if you take me as a brother, you know how much I love you. Ruhaan says do you think I should marry Gazal? Haider says why are you asking this? Ruhaan says just answer me. Haider says I think your wedding is in danger. Ruhaan says what do you mean? Haider says how do I say this.. if you don’t get married then you will remain a bachelor all your life, he laughs at him and says you are just stressed which is normal, it happens before wedding. I was the same like you but when I got married with Dua, everything worked out well. I was so worried about responsibilities as a married man but I am so lucky to have Dua. Ruhaan says I am happy for you but I know Gazal doesn’t love me.

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Dua tells Gazal that you talk about loving Haider but you are just greedy and a cheap woman. I know you are trying to make Ruhaan jealous so he would break off his wedding with you but if Ruhaan’s heart breaks then Haider won’t spare you. Gazal laughs and says Gulnaz told you about my plan but she forgot to tell you that I will break Haider and Ruhaan’s relationship, I will end their brotherly love. I will make them hate each other to death, they won’t even like to each other’s faces on day. Dua asks her to shut up but Gazal says I will become Haider’s wife tomorrow. Dua asks her to shut up, I will end your game now. Gazal says you can’t win against me, you can try if you want.

Haider tells Ruhaan that Gazal is fighting the world for you so don’t doubt her love for you, she took a stand in front of everyone so don’t doubt all this. Ruhaan says please listen to me. Haider says you don’t understand woman’s emotions, she is choosing you and giving up her everything for you so respect her. Ruhaan thinks he is right, I am thinking of all the wrong things for no reason. He smiles and thanks Haider. He says lets go.

Gazal sees Haider and Ruhaan coming to the haldi ceremony. Gazal tells Dua that I have prepared a surprise for you. Dua thinks what is she up to? She prays to protect her family.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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