Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua tries to expose what Gazal did with Haider

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th June 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua comes to Gazal’s room and sees Ruhaan there but he moves away from her before she can see. He hides under the bed from Dua. Dua sees Gazal crying in pain and tells her that she deserves this pain. Dua says I came here to remind that Haider is mine and will always be mine, you deserve what Haider did with you. Haider married you out of obligation so don’t try to pretend like a queen of this house, I am his real wife. Gazal says I am crying in pain, please call the doctor. Dua acts like calling the doctor and says the only treatment for you is poison, you should learn to bear this pain, you will have to bear more pain. I will keep hurting you. Gazal cries and says dont do this with me. Dua says stop pretending otherwise I won’t spare you, she leaves from there. Ruhaan comes out from under the bed. Gazal says you saw how these people treat me. Ruhaan wipes her tears and says Haider will have to pay for all this. Gazal says please don’t do anything stupid, if you talk against Haider then Dua will turn you into a liar. We need to find a perfect time to expose them. I don’t want anyone to find out about our relationship.

In the morning, the doctor checks Gazal, Hina asks if she is okay? the doctor says she has back pain issue and she needs to be careful. She can’t lift heavy weights and she needs a stick to walk. He leaves from there. Hina says to hell with that Dua, she must have cursed you. You won’t do any work from now on. Dua comes there and says if she will rest then who will do the household work? this is a good drama but it won’t work. Hina asks her to get lost, she needs rest. Dua says how can I leave when I should be enjoying seeing her in pain? I want to see her injury. Gazal is scared of her and says stay away from me. Hina asks Dua to leave, she needs rest. Dua says I want to see her injury. She tries to go near her but Hina calls the family there. Gulnaz asks what’s going on now? Ruhaan says what happened? Hina says I have to see bad things because of Dua in this house. We have no peace because of her. Gazal is crying in pain and Dua is enjoying that. She tells Haider that Dua is no angel, she is an evil person. Dadi says Gazal should tell what her injury is. Hina says she has back pain and the doctor said that we need to be careful otherwise she will have slipdisk. Dua is scaring her more. Dua says she isn’t a kid. You should ask her how she got hurt? Hina asks her to shut up. She asks Gazal how did she get hurt? I am sure Dua is behind that. Gazal is scared recalling how she was trying to molest Haider and he threw her away. Dua asks her to speak up and tell them how it happened? all look on. Dua asks younger kids to leave, they leave. Hina asks what’s going on? Dua asks Haider if he knows how Gazal got hurt? does he remember where he was last night and with whom? Gazal thinks I can’t let her expose me. Dua asks Haider to try and remember what happened last night. Gazal says I will tell.. I fell from the stairs and got hurt. Ruhaan thinks why is she lying and not telling that Haider beat her up? Dua says she is lying, she didn’t fall from the stairs. She has crossed all limits of shame.. Gazal says she will create a story. Hina says I trust you, stop it Dua. Dua says I am telling the truth, she didn’t fall from the stairs but she got hurt when Haider pushed her away. She tried to molest Haider last night by giving him sleeping pill. All are shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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