Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ruhaan tries to kill Hamida

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hamida tells Dua to trust her, she has to do this to save her family. Dua says okay, I need to tell youu something else. Someone knocks on the door and Dua is surprised to see hafeez and Kaynaat there. Hamida thinks I know what Dua wants to talk about but I am not mentally ready for this. Dua asks them to come inside and tells Hamida that Hafeez wants to say something. Hamida asks Hafeez if he keeps roaming around with her enemy’s daughter? she taunts Kaynaat that her mother is a selfiish woman so she doesn’t trust anyone in this house. She says I need to rest, she glares at her and leaves. Kaynaat starts crying so Hafeez tries to console her. Kaynaat says she will never accept our relationship. Dua says she will, she will see how good of a person you are. Dua thinks to talk to Hamida about them.

Gazal is trying to make the donkey eat grass but he doesn’t. She shouts at him but Hamida comes there so Gazal acts like taking care of him, all laugh at her. Hamida asks Gazal to keep taking care of him, Hamida says the donkey was looking for a bride and he might like Gazal, he has started liking her. She asks Gazal if she likes him? you might not because you only like married men. She asks Haider if he was a donkey to marry Gazal? you must be an idiot. Haider silently leaves. Ruhaan is angry hearing all that. He goes to his room and says I will use this gun on Dua and Haider along with Hamida. He takes his gun and starts going to the lounge. Hamida tells the family that the donkey is in love with Gazal. Gazal sees Ruhaan coming there with the gun and is shocked. She bumps into him and hides his gun. Hamida says Gazal is juggling between Haider and Ruhaan, what does she want? Ruhaan says enough, don’t say anything against Gazal. Hamida says wow, old love is alive? are you still in love with your bhabhi? Ruhaan says no no.. I just want peace in the house, these talks don’t suit you. Hamida says what about your family peace when you left Gazal at the alter? Ruhaan thinks Dua made me do all that. Hamida says you have no right to talk. Dadi asks hamida to leave all this. Gazal whispers to ruhaan to leave. He angrily leaves while Gazal hides the gun under a table. Hamida thinks Dua was right that they have something going on.

Gazal meets with Ruhaan and says are you crazy? if Hamida had died then my plan would have failed. Ruhaan says I can’t see people taunting you. Gazal says your anger will destroy everything, we have to save this business and family from Dua and Haider, you have to be patient. Ruhaan hugs her and says I can’t wait to make you mine, lets run away from here and we can live happily together. Gazal says what about our mission? Ruhaan says to hell with Dua and Haider, we can run away and live happily. Gazal looks on. The donkey comes there and bumps into them. Ruhaan says I will kill him. Gazal asks him to calm down and asks him to promise to not do anything stupid, he nods and leaves. Gazal thanks the donkey for saving her today.

Hamida is sitting with Dua. Haider comes there and thanks Hamida. She asks why? He says you convinced Dua to work for us so thank you.

Gazal thinks to hide the gun from others that Ruhaan was about to use on Hamida.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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