Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua starts doubting Gazal’s intentions

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dadi shouts at Gazal to get lost from their house. Haider comes there and asks what is going on? he asks Dadi why are you insulting her like this? Dadi shouts that this girl can’t stay here at any cost. Hina says I won’t be able to forgive myself if she leaves today. My sin.. Rahat says it will be a sin to throw a girl out of the house who we promised to take care. Dadi shouts that I don’t care, she has to leave. Haider asks what was her fault? Dadi says she misbehaved with me. Gazal acts like crying. Gulnaz says she must have been friendly with you, she is an orphan so think where will she go? Haider says just forgive her. Gazal says no, don’t say anything Haider, you shouldn’t have saved me that day. Hina says don’t say that please. Dadi shouts that this girl is not innocent, she wants to destroy this family. Gazal cries and says I will leave the house, I don’t want to create any rifts here. She tells Haider that you have a golden heart, you take care of everyone. She tells Dua that you have always helped me so thank you. She tells Hina that you are an angel for taking care of me. Hina cries for her. Gazal tells Ruhaan that she will miss him. Ruhaan tells Dadi that you shouldn’t throw her out like this. Dadi asks him to shut up, this is my house and I will decide who will live here. Gazal cries and says I will leave now. Hina falls down but Haider grabs her. He tells Dadi that Ammi is not well, Dadi shouts this girl is the root cause of the problem. Haider asks her to stop it, Ammi is not well. He tells Hina that Gazal is not going anywhere. Dadi says this girl is a snake. Haider tells Gazal that she is not going anywhere, he takes Hina from there. Gazal smirks at Gulnaz and Dua notices it. Dua takes Dadi from there. Gulnaz tells Gazal that nobody will throw you out now. Gazal says the game has just started.

Scene 2
Haider asks Hina to calm down. Hina says where will Gazal go? Haider says she won’t go anywhere. Hina asks him to promise. He says I promise Gazal will stay here. Rahat says Haider will make everything fine. He tucks her in, Rahat tells him that Hina will be okay, he tells her to trust Haider. He is surprised and says I hope Dua has handled Dadi. He asks Rahat if he can take care of Hina? Rahat says I used to take care of her before you so don’t worry. Haider nods and leaves.

Dua asks Dadi to calm down. Dadi says that girl is a witch. Dua says I trust you completely, I think Gazal and Gulnaz are plotting against the family. Dadi says thank God you have brains, you have to help me throw that Gazal out of the house. Dua says you are right, we have to think of a way, we can’t throw her out easily as Hina will not take it easily. Dadi says we have to think of a way fast.

Gazal acts like leaving the house but Ruhaan stops her and says don’t take Dadi’s words seriously. Gazal sees Haider coming there and tells Ruhaan that I am leaving this house because Dua wants me to leave. Haider hears that and thinks why Dua wants her to leave? Gazal thinks it will be fun when Haider scolds Dua now.

Haider comes to Dua and asks if she wants Gazal to leave the house too? Dua is silent, Haider says your silence is making me think you are right. Dua says I saw her insulting Dadi. Haider says I don’t think so, she takes care of everyone and Dadi might have taken her wrongly. You know how Dadi is but you should be worried about Hina only, if she finds out that you don’t want Gazal in the house then she will be broken so don’t think about throwing Gazal out of the house. He tells her to not change herself, you always take care of others then how is Gazal a burden on you? you all wanted Gazal to stay here and now you want her out of the house? what has changed? Dua says its not like that. Haider says then what’s the matter? Gazal is not mentally stable and if she leaves then her life will be in danger. We are saving a life by keeping her here. Its our duty to take care of Gazal and I need your support, Gazal will stay here only. Dua looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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