Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Haider and Gazal bicker in the office

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th December 2022 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hina asks Dua how did Gazal agree for the job? Dua says it’s good, now you don’t have to worry about your debt. She goes from there. Dadi tells Hina that we are in bigger trouble now.

Haider gives a broom to Gazal and says lets see your skills, clean this place nicely. Gazal shows her CV and says I didn’t do these diplomas to mop a place. Haider tears her CV and says you know nothing about fashion designing, these degrees are useless if you can’t respect any work. I have no degrees like these but I have built all this because no work is small for me, I have done everything to be on this position. Ravi comes there and says I will clean it up. Haider says no, this girl talks big about hard work but let’s give her a chance to work hard. Gazal looks on.

Dadi tells Hina that Gazal working with Haider is not good. Rahat says what if the secret comes out? Dadi says Gazal is smart, if she finds out that we are her sinners then she won’t spare us. Hina says I will talk to Dua to find another job for Gazal. They turn to see Gulnaz standing there but she is wearing headphones. Dadi sighs and says thank God she didn’t hear anything, they leave from there. Gulnaz smirks and says I did the right thing by getting Gazal hired at Haider’s store.

Gazal thinks Haider wants to teach me a lesson. She asks Haider to ask his driver to make tea for her. Haider says he is my driver, he doesn’t do all that. She asks Ravi to bring some groceries for her. Haider says he is my manager, he doesn’t do all that. Gazal says all your employees do what they are qualified for but you want me to mop this place? mopping is not below me but I have worked hard to study and reach a place in my life and mopping is not my job profile. Haider says I decide what anyone will do here, I gave you a chance to work but seems like you don’t want to work at all. He says I want your resignation letter now. Gazal says I am not resigning, you want me to leave this job so you can write a termination letter and give it to me. Haider says that’s okay with me. Gazal says you must have a reason to throw me out of the job right? what will you write? that you wanted a girl to mop because of your ego but she denied so you terminated her. And Dua will also know that you think women can succeed only with men’s permission only and you think women are good for mopping only. Please write a detailed letter so I can show your reality to Dua too. Haider gets angry and says you want a letter right? He drags her from there.

Haider brings Gazal to his office and says you have no respect and shame. No one has ever talked to me like that, when you come back tomorrow then come with some respect for your boss. Gazal says don’t talk about respect, I just want that termination letter so I can show your reality to everyone.

Scene 2
Dua tells Hina that I was worried about Gazal so I got her the job. Hina says I don’t like Haider and Gazal working together, we can help her with money till she finds another job. Dua says you know Gazal and she would never take any charity. Hina says I don’t know but Gazal can’t work at Haider’s store anymore. Dua is confused and says you wanted me to help Gazal. Gazal lost her job becuase of Haider and she cursed him, I want to protect Haider and I know Gazal is qualified so I can’t just throw her out of the job. She says I think we should tell the truth to Haider and then he won’t fight with Gazal anymore. Hina says don’t even think about it, if Haider finds out that Rahmani saved his life then he would try to find everything and he might find the real truth. Dua is confused. Hina recalls the riots and people beating up a man. Dua asks which real truth? Hina says nothing, she asks her to think about keeping Haider and Gazal apart. She blesses her and leaves. Dua says there is something she is hiding from me.

Haider asks Gazal to stop crossing her limits. Gazal says crossing a limit is not respecting your employees. Ravi knocks on the door and says our client is coming. Haider tells Gazal that you can apologize and we can end this matter, you can continue this job then. Gazal thinks he still wants to keep me on the job after all this, I am sure there is a secret he is hiding. Gazal says let me ask my slipper but that doesn’t want to apologize to me. She tries to leave but Haider stops her and says you have to apologize if you want to leave from here. Gazal tries to run away but he stops her. She goes to the window. Haider says you want to jump? try it.

Gulnaz comes to Rahat and says I accepted you even when you were already married but that doesn’t mean I can bear anything. Rahat asks what happened? Gulnaz says why did you go to Hina’s room in the middle of the night? Rahat says its not like that, I just wanted to talk to her. We have some secrets that others don’t need to know. Gulnaz says I am your wife and I should know everything. Rahat says its related to Hina so I can’t tell you. Gulnaz shouts that this is insulting for me, I can’t bear this Rahat so I will leave for Lucknow with Ruhaan and Noor. She tries to leave but he stops her and says you have taken my name for the first time, that secret killed my first marriage and will destroy my 2nd marriage. You want to know the truth so listen.

Gazal tries to jump from the window. She tries to unlock is and is about to fall down but Haider catches her. They fall in each other’s arms.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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