Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua agrees to work for Haider

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th July 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Hamida tells Dua that she wants her to work for Haider’s company again, its your duty and all those workers rely on you for their livelihood. Gazal says I can’t believe this, Hina says she is crazy but on the right track. Dua thinks how can I tell her that I am doing this to save Ruhaan. Haider tells Hamida that you shouldn’t convince her if she doesn’t want to work, I tried but its her choice. Hamida says wow you are talking about her choices now? what about her choices when you married another girl? stop pretending to be a nice husband now. Hamida asks Dua if she will work as a designer for Haider or not? Dua says I have never said no to your any order so how can I say no now? all your orders are my commands. Hamida says I have a condition before my daughter saying yes. Hina says we will accept anything. Hamida says its for Gazal. She gets scared and asks what she wants her to do? Hina says you are doing a deal here or came here to help? Hamida says if you don’t want my help then I can leave? I came here to throw Gazal out of the house but I can see you will keep protecting her so I want my donkey to stay here till I am here and I want Gazal to take care of him. All are shocked. The donkey goes to Gazal, she says I will not take care of it. Hamida says why not? the business is in trouble because of you so you have to do something for it. If you don’t say yes then Dua won’t help Haider. Gazal says I won’t take care of this donkey. Hamida says fine, then I can leave without convincing Dua. Hina asks her to calm down and says Gazal will take care of the donkey. He is our guest so Gazal will make sure to provide everything to him. She asks Gazal to look at him, he is very handsome. She asks Gazal to make friends with him. Gulnaz says maybe they will fall in love as she couldn’t get Haider. Gazal cries and says what will I do? Hamida says just agree to it. Gazal asks Haider to stop all this. He says you were ready to burn my money and I don’t care about anything else but this bridal fashion week. Hamida says then from today Gazal has to take care of the donkey. She asks Dua if she is ready to work for Haider? Dua says fine, I am going to work for him. All are happy to hear that but Dua is not. Hamida takes her from there. Hina asks Gazal to be silent and just do what we have to. Its our test for Haider’s gain. All family members laugh at Gazal. The donkey keeps following Gazal. Gulnaz asks her to take care of him and laughs.

Dua tells Hamida that I am angry with you, how can you think that I would punish our business just to punish Haider? I have already made all designs. She shows her the designs. Hamida says these are so nice, you are so talented, even better than your father. If you made these designs then why did you say no to Haider? Dua says to save Ruhaan. She tells her everything and how she wanted Gazal to confess to Ruhaan. Hamida says she didn’t agree and you said no to helping Haider? Gazal would never expose herself. I am here to show you another path. You can help Haider for this fashion week but ask for a payment. She tells her an idea and says you have to choose this path and trust me. Dua says this is very difficult but I will do it.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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