Rabb Se Hai Dua 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal accepts her crimes

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 25th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dua is beating Gazal when Haider comes there and stops her. All look on. Dua says I won’t spare her today, if you know what she is up to then you won’t stop me. Gazal says you can beat me all you want but the truth won’t change. Dua tries to beat her but Haider shouts at Dua to stop it, I am ashamed of seeing you like this. Are you not in your senses? I don’t want to know what she is up to when you are like this.. is this my wife who is beating someone? Dua says you all should have been proud of me as I am trying to save this family.. if you don’t believe me today then this snake will poison this family.. she tries to beat her but Hina stops her and says if you raise your hand today then I will not stop myself. Dua says why can’t you see what she is up to? I am trying to save this family. Ruhaan says you keep lying about Gazal. Dua says I am not lying. She threatened Dadi to not tell the truth.. that’s why Dadi couldn’t say anything. She threatened to kill Ruhaan and Rahat that’s why Dadi kept silent. Gazal says you should be ashamed of lying about me.. how could I threaten her? Dua says you used a gun to threaten her. Gazal says where would I find a gun? Dua says I am not lying.. you had a gun and you even threatened me with it. Gazal says she is lying. Dua tries to attack her but Ruhaan pushes her away so Haider holds Dua. Ruhaan asks him to handle his wife as even he is ashamed of her now. Haider gets angry and raises his hand but Hina asks them to stop it. She tells Dua that you are making brothers fight, stop all these lies, you are even trying to break the family. Just go from here. Dua says you want me to go from here? if I leave then you will be crying. This girl is a liar and she even threatened me. Gazal thinks I forgot to hide the gun. Dua says I will show the truth. She goes to Dadi’s room and looks around for the gun. Kaynaat and others search for it but they can’t find it. Dua says I am telling you she pointed a gun at me. Gazal says wow, you thought I would threaten Dadi with a gun? Gulnaz says there is no gun here so stop wasting our time. Gazal whispers to Gulnaz that she didn’t hide the gun. The flashback shows how Gulnaz hid it after Gazal left Dadi’s room. The flashback ends. Dua asks Haider to listen to her but he asks her to stop it, I told you to stop all this.. we should be worrying about Dadi so stop all this. Dua says I am sorry but I can’t listen to you right now. She says Dadi will tell us if she was threatened by Gazal or not. Gulnaz says we should leave as we know Dua is lying. Rahat says wait a minute, he asks to Dadi to hint them if Dua is lying or not. Gazal and Gulnaz get scared. Gazal goes from there. Dua asks Dadi to tell them the truth and not be scared.. tell them that Gazal threatened you with a gun. All look at Dadi and wait for her hint. Gazal goes and breaks her father’s stick. She screams for her father but Dua tells the family to wait for Dadi’s answer. Hina says enough of this, if Gazal does something then I won’t be able to forgive myself, they all go from there and find Gazal crying. Hina asks what happened? Gazal says I want to tell you all a secret. What Dua is saying is the truth. Yes, I pushed Dadi from the stairs and then I threatened to keep her mouth shut. I accept my crime. All are shocked.

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The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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