Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Gazal bleeds out for Haider

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th May 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal cuts her hand and promises to make Haider hate Dua soon.

Haider is sitting in his office and recalls Dua saying that Haider is disloyal and she doesn’t desire him. How she gave up Haider to Gazal. He looks at her photo and says I have betrayed you, I have given you so much pain. Gazal calls him but he cuts the call. He says I wish I can take away Dua’s pain, I wish I can bring her happiness back. I have destroyed Dua’s life to save Gazal’s life. Hina calls him but he cuts the call. He says Ami is responsible for this too, she couldn’t be a good mother to show me the way. Hina messages Haider to meet Rahat as he is going for pilgrimage.

Gazal is bleeding and says Haider will come on my side seeing my pain.

Hina is calling Haider and says he has to meet Rahat before he leaves.

Rahat meets Gulnaz and says I am still pained by you. I loved you a lot but you have hurt me too much. Gulnaz cries and says please forgive me. Rahat says I will try to. She hugs him and he asks her to take care of the kids. He looks at Noor and asks her to take care, he says to take care of Dua. Ijaz comes there and says I will pick up your luggage Abu. Rahat asks him to shut up. Noor says please don’t curse him, he has a good heart. She smiles at him. Gulnaz notices it and asks Ijaz to leave. Ijaz wishes the best to Rahat and takes his luggage from there. Rahat goes too. Gulnaz asks Noor what is going on? don’t you dare even look at Ijaz, he is a useless man. She goes from there. Noor says I don’t even know what she is talking about.

Scene 2
Gazal hits her head on the mirror and falls down in the warehouse. She laughs and says this pain is nothing in front of seeing Haider pinning for Dua, when I see him crying for Dua. I crave his love but he doesn’t even care, he is mine. She recalls Haider’s relationship with Dua and says he is mine, why does he worry about Dua still? I know how to snatch my right. Once he comes back then it will be a memorable day.

Dua brings Rahat’s ticket and asks him to take his medicine on time. Rahat smiles and says you are a mother of this house, I will remember everything. He asks Dua to be strong and prays for her success. Dua asks if he talked with Hina? He says I tried but I couldn’t. I know she would say something about you which I wouldn’t be able to bear. He asks Dadi to take care and says this house needs you. Dadi cries and says we couldn’t be fair in this house and I don’t want to live anymore. Rahat says we don’t have anyone else but you. Hina comes there and says what about me? All look on. Hina says I made your favorite laddos, I pray for your journey and everything will be fine when you come back. This house will be cleansed from Dua when you come back. He glares at her and starts to leave but she says I will try to call Haider again. She calls him but he doesn’t pick up. Hina says he must be busy. Rahat asks Dua to call Haider. He takes her phone. Hina says he wouldn’t take her call if he didn’t take my call. Hina calls from Dua’s phone. Haider sees Dua calling and takes the call. He says I can’t believe you are calling me Dua. I was so worried and I can’t even believe we are talking. I can’t apologize enough, please say something. Hina has put the call on the speaker and all hear that. Dua looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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